Social Business Accelerates Efficiencies in Organisations

Social business is not only outward, creating –better- connections with customers but it is also great to enable efficiencies in the internal organization. Adi Gaskell wrote about these internal efficiencies with regard to a report by DHL which details the importance for organizations to collaborate using social tools.

What’s interesting is that Australian manufacturers are also turning to social business tools to improve productivity.  Companies such as Pact Group are utilizing social media tools to improve their internal processes.

The company is utilizing Chatter, which is Salesforce’s internal social networking tool.  They have over 600 of their 3,500 employees currently using the service, and hope to extend this to 1,000 by June. Now quantity is of course one indication, but the best indication is the amount of interaction and usage of Chatter. On this Mr Cocks, customer systems manager at Pact Group revealed that “hat using social media internally has improved productivity at the firm by allowing employees to share files faster, whilst also collaborating over problems and sharing knowledge amongst themselves.”

Packaging manufacturer Amcor are also utilizing social tools to improve how they operate.

”Like most industries today, the manufacturing industry needs to be nimble and responsive to deal with a global economy and changing market conditions,” said Amcor’s vice-president of corporate communications Prue Deniz.

”Adopting social business tools helps support the flow of information and knowledge transfer on a peer-to-peer basis. Amcor has a number of business groups, or communities, already using social collaboration tools.”

I have to say this is very interesting, in the past I did some researches on the usage of social media and technologies in the manufacturing, B2B sectors and the researched organizations weren’t always that far or at least that experimental as the aforementioned companies.

Image credit: Mzinga, Teradata Aster, and The Center for Complexity in Business