Returning To The Office With Ease

It’s been a long, almost two years, but we’ve made it through it all together. And, while you may have been looking for ways to transition to working from home eighteen months ago – today, you may be ready to return to the office and a little bit nervous or confused about what that’s even going to look like. There are ways to make the transition from home back to the office a little easier, though. Being armed with them can make all the difference in the world.

Calm Your Mind

It can be overwhelming thinking about being surrounded by coworkers you haven’t seen in a long time. Maybe you haven’t been around that many people since the beginning of 2020. The reality is, we are in a good place, and your company would not be asking you to return to the office if they didn’t think it was in your best interests. If you are struggling with fears around this, focus on calming your mind. Whether that’s needing to talk to friends, family, or a therapist, you should. Maybe you need to look into CBD products that can help ground you and calm your mind. It could also be as simple as downloading a meditation app to center your mind and thoughts. Whatever direction you decide to go in, know that you got this!

Treat Yourself!

Returning to work in an office environment after working from home in your loungewear for the last year and a half, you may find yourself in want or need of a new wardrobe. The average American gained 36 pounds during the lockdown and pandemic. So, if you fall into that statistics spectrum, you’re likely in need of new clothing in general. Don’t beat yourself up about the weight gain, and the data shows you are normal for the weight gain. Even if your weight remains the same – if you’re feeling stressed about returning to in-person working, treat yourself to a new office wardrobe! Looking good leads to feeling good, so you return with confidence and in style!

Speaking Of Feeling Confident

As mentioned above, you’re not alone in possibly gaining weight over the last year, but maybe that’s left you feeling less than great about yourself. While it is true that every body type is beautiful and should be respected and celebrated – perhaps you’re just uncomfortable in your new figure. Take steps to get back to the old you. Not only will you feel confident as you return to your pre-lockdown physique, but exercise is also fantastic for elevated mood and mental health. So, try to incorporate exercise into your daily routines. The key to sticking to healthy exercise habits is doing some form of exercise you enjoy, so don’t overthink it.

If you’re a person that enjoys walking, take a walk; running, go for a jog. Maybe you’d rather watch Youtube pilates or yoga tutorials – go for it! You can additionally choose to join a gym to get that mood boost. The great thing about gyms is that they offer socialization that will help ease you back into being around people. Gyms also make it easy for you to get connected with a personal trainer to keep you motivated and help you see those gains potentially faster than if you were trying it on your own.

Celebrate Everything Normal

This is what we’ve been waiting for, right? After almost two years of bearing the brunt of a historical event, we are returning to our everyday lives. So keep that thought at the forefront of our minds. Sure, it was comfortable and cozy in our pajamas at home while we worked, but you also, at one point, loved going into the office and being productive every day. So focus on and celebrate that we’re returning to normal.

Don’t be overwhelmed and focus on the things you don’t like about returning to the office. It’s a great thing, and like all changes, they take a little while to get used to, but they usually end up being a great thing with excellent outcomes. So, remember – you can do this, you got this. Have fun chatting at the water cooler!