Reimagining politics: an interview with Uffe Elbaek

Reimagining politics: an interview with Uffe Elbaek

If Uffe Elbaek is told something is impossible that’s the provocation for him to prove you wrong.

Uffe has been at the forefront of a number of pioneering initiatives in Denmark. He set up the radical social enterprise school the KaosPilots, founded in 1991. This grew out of the cultural and social youth organization the Frontrunners ( in response to an emerging need for new types of education to help young people navigate the changing realities of the late 20th century.

Later Uffe became Denmark’s Minister of Culture between 2011 and 2012, and now, since 2013, is the leader of the innovative Danish Alternativet Party.

He was in London at the beginning of March 2017 for the launch of the Alternative UK political platform. On a sunny spring day by Regents Canal, London I spoke to him for the Reinventing Democracy YouTube channel. How he created the party. why it’s so different it and his hopes for the political future.

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