Reasons for Choosing Accounting for Professional Career Growth

Reasons for Choosing Accounting for Professional Career Growth
Reasons for Choosing Accounting for Professional Career Growth

Accountancy has become one of the best career option for students who have completed their graduation or post-graduation. To make you understand better, we have come up with the reasons of why one can choose accounting as his career option and to succeed in professional growth.

1) Availability of the accounting profile in every industry

Every industry in the world requires support of accounting department, so the scope of the job opportunities are not restricted to one industry as you see in education or health sector. As industries do their expansion every year then the requirement for the potential people would increase that leads to more job opportunities.

2) Different Courses and Qualifications to choose with:

For graduates and postgraduates, there are different courses and certificates to choose with based on the interest or requirement. As there are different accounting courses that includes auditing, taxation, managerial accounting and many more, so it is more important for an individual to choose the right course based on the specialization to land up in right job of accounting.

Accounting qualifications helps you to build up your career in global accounting market and few of the top qualifications include ACA, ACCA and CIMA, among which choosing career with ACCA course qualification gives more scope of working with global accounting firms or else set up your own setup serving domestic and global clients.

Choosing any of the accounting course and getting professional qualification, rest assured that you are in to right direction in building your strong accounting career.

3) Pay Package is what it talks about accounting:

The pay package of the accountants will vary based on the city, sector and type of firm. The average salary for an accountant having graduation will be earning salary up to £25,000 and would be getting additional bonus based on the company.  Accountants having two or more qualifications can get an average salary ranging from £50,000 to £60,000 with additional bonus.

4) Setting up your business and consultancy to serve clients:

Accounting profile gives an option of becoming an entrepreneur. Gaining years of experience in professional career by knowing in and out of different industries supported with an accounting professional certification can help you set up your own firm to serve different clients.

5) Working Abroad:

Having ACCA accounting qualification allows you to get opportunities to work in more than 100 countries and also might get you to work for big accounting firms like KPMG, Deloitte, Grant Thorton and many more. Working in different countries will really help you to understand their culture and at the same time, you are exposed to different challenges of industries in terms of accountancy and finance that will help you improve your skills and knowledge.

6) Meeting interesting people to build up network:

Once you have gained professional experience, you will tend to meet different people in the industry that enable you to gain experience as well. The inputs that you get from accounting experts that you meet in person or through conference enables you to implement possibly not all but at least few of them that can be successful for the industry that you are working with. The best part of this profession is that you add up more successful professional people in your network who can help you get breakthrough in reputed firms and based on your interest they can become your mentor to guide.

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