RC Trucks That Can Drive Through Water

RC Trucks That Can Drive Through Water

If you are looking for a remote controlled car that can drive through water, an amphibious RC car is the answer. RC cars are good toys for your kids that will not only keep them busy, but they also help them to improve their skills in coordination and decision making. Choosing the right RC car that can drive both indoors and outdoors is something that will give your children more freedom to experiment with different ideas.

Here are some of the best amphibious RC cars you can buy for your kids that are also ideal for indoor use.

1. GMAXT S913 RC Truck

The GMAXT RC truck employs an ergonomically designed control that is optimized with a RC suspension. It is one of the best 4×4 waterproof rc trucks you can buy because it can drive on grass, wet mud, sand, and swampland and you will not need to worry about issues cropping up. It is waterproof and the electric motor is run by a 2.4 GHz radio transmitter. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can be charged fully in less than an hour. Additionally, its tires are made of a PVC material and they are supported by four independent suspensions that enable the car to have a smooth cruise. For tougher terrain, you can use the dedicated control that activates “crawling” and optimizes torque to power ratio to allow the car to drive on tough terrain.

2. KingPow 2WD RC Car

It will surprise you how rugged the KingPow is as a RC car. This is a high-powered RC car that runs a motor that has a ratcheted-up torque that can drive the car as fast as 15 mph even on slopes of up to 45 degrees. It achieves sufficient oomph to move on rocky landscapes, something that has earned the car “best off-road” distinction. Its suspension is independent and it runs a four-wheel system. The tires are ultra-shockproof and made from a material that looks like PVC. The car comes with a 3.7V battery that can be charged fully in 45 minutes.

3. Kid Galaxy Ford f150 Truck

Modeled to resemble the Ford classic pickup, the car is a perfect entry-level choice that would suit any RC hobbyist. It comes with a powerful 20 volt battery and can comfortably hit speeds of 30 mp. It will run for more than 30 minutes continuous at that speed, which means it gives you three times the time you would get from majority of RC cars. It can scale on rocky terrain and gravelly roads effortlessly, so this can be fun to drive.

Buying an RC car is a decision that is exciting and sometimes you have to shop around to find the best car. If your idea is to buy a remote controlled car that can cruise on both dry land and water, then you should switch your focus to amphibious RC cars. These are designed with waterproofing to ensure the electronics cannot be damaged when the car is driven on water. Check out the few mentioned here if you don’t have the time to research to find the perfect amphibious RC car.