Print Media Advertising Or Online Marketing – Which is Effective?

Print Media Advertising Or Online Marketing - Which is Effective?
Print Media Advertising Or Online Marketing – Which is Effective?

The internet has significantly changed the way marketing is done. Nowadays, entrepreneurs can take advantage of many different marketing strategies online. In addition, customers can now be found online through search engines and social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

Online marketing is now the most popular marketing strategy that many entrepreneurs are using. It’s because online marketing does not only expose a product or service to a wider audience. It can also generate sales directly from such audiences. Furthermore, online marketing is not as costly as the traditional advertising and marketing strategies are. Sometimes, there is no cost at all.

Has Online Marketing Completely Eliminated Print Media Advertising?

Although online marketing offers a lot of advantages, it cannot outdo what traditional marketing can still offer. Print media advertising, for example, is still effective in outdoor campaigns where online marketing falls short. It is true that there are a lot of customers who are online, but it cannot be denied that there are still more customers who can be found outdoors.

Print media advertising is not only limited to posters, stickers, and leaflets. Printed magazines and company brochures are also print media materials. Even some billboards are made of printed materials and can bring an impact to a much wider audience.

Advantages of Print Media Advertising

  • Wider Audience
  • Personalized
  • Localized
  • High Impact

Advantages of Online Marketing

  • Low Cost
  • Efficient
  • Interactive
  • More options

Which Is Better? Print Media Advertising or Online Marketing?

Every type of marketing strategy can be better than any other marketing strategy depending on your business, products, or services. If your business is focused on providing products or services to a specific locality, print media advertising works better as you can control and maximize all your printed marketing materials intended for your target market.

On the other hand, online marketing is better if your business activities are purely internet-based. One good example is an online shop. If you have an online shop, there is no way you can do better through print media advertising. Moreover, online marketing is more preferred by entrepreneurs who want instant results from an advertising campaign.

There is no actual competition between these two strategies. In fact, both of them can work together. There are many companies that invest heavily both in online marketing and in print media advertising. You don’t need to have a big company to do online marketing and print media advertising at the same time. In fact, small businesses are the ones that should leverage both marketing strategies.

What Is the Future of Print Media Advertising?

Print media advertising will always be an option to reckon with. No matter how popular the internet has become, there will always be a need for printed marketing materials. This is the reason why many printing companies continue to thrive as if the internet was not invented. The demand for print media advertising materials is still strong. Therefore, the future of print media advertising will be much more promising than what many entrepreneurs could have imagined.


If you are marketing your product or services in specific locality such as London or Manchester, a print media advertising is the best strategy to start with. You can look for a leaflet printing Manchester company in your area to help you with your campaign. Nevertheless, you can still do online marketing along with it. In other words, both print media advertising and online marketing are effective marketing tools and strategies that can help expand your business profits.