Everything to Know About Health Insurance for Maternity Cover

Maternity health cover is of extreme significance for new couples. The cost of hospitalization and delivery, regardless of whether it is normal or caesarean, is rising.

Investing in health insurance for maternity expenses is important to stay financially protected. It is a safety net to safeguard your savings and ensure the overall well-being of the mother and the little one.
So, if you still haven’t got covered, it’s time to start thinking about it. Let us understand everything you need to know about health insurance with maternity cover, including its benefits and when you should get it.

What is Health Insurance with Maternity Cover?

Health insurance for maternity cover is a standard health insurance plan that also offers coverage for costs incurred on all diagnostics, procedures, tests, doctor’s fee, surgeon fee, nursing, room rent, and other pre & post-hospitalization expenses related to pregnancy. It’s a health cover you should invest in, especially if you don’t want to exhaust your savings when it’s time for the delivery. 

What Are the Benefits of Maternity Health Insurance?

  • Cashless Hospitalization Coverage: You can avail of cashless claims at the network hospitals of the insurance company. Everything from in-patient hospitalization to diagnostic procedures, nursing, room rent, and other related costs are covered by the insurance policy for safe and healthy delivery. 
  • Pre & Post-Natal Care: The policy covers you for both pre & post-natal care, so you are covered for any and all exigencies. This gives you complete peace of mind in case extra care is required.  
  • Coverage for the Baby: The newborn baby is covered from day 1 under this policy, which is not possible in other types of policies where it’s specified that the child must be at least 90 days old to be covered under a policy. However, if you have health insurance for maternity cover, your child is immediately covered under the policy. It can also take care of all the expenses in case the child is unfortunately born with an illness and requires immediate medical care.
  • Discounts: You can get a discount of up to 10% on the premium if you opt for a multi-year policy. It can help you reduce your premium amount by not burdening your pocket

When Should You Get It? 

It is best to plan early on to avail the benefit of a lower premium on health insurance with maternity cover.The longer you wait, the higher the premium would be. Moreover, a maternity cover doesn’t kick in before 2-6 years of continuous coverage. You simply can’t get insured while pregnant and claim benefits since it would be considered as a pre-existing condition and, therefore, will not be serviced by your health insurance provider. Like every other type of insurance plan out there, health insurance for maternity cover also comes with a waiting period clause that you need to adhere to before being able to claim any benefits.


Health insurance with maternity cover is as important as any health coverage, particularly if you are married and plan to have kids sooner or later. It’s important to ensure that the entire process of childbirth is hassle-free and safe for both the mother and the child. With health insurance for maternity cover, you can get quality medical care without burning a hole in your pocket. 

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