Opportunities for AI Applications in Healthcare

Opportunities for AI Applications in HealthcareA hot topic amongst many industry professionals is the future of AI technology in healthcare, along with its many challenges and solutions. COVID-19 has both permanently and drastically changed the scope of how people work, live, and access healthcare. Pre-pandemic, telehealth services were a novelty—now they’re a necessity. Providers all over the world are now tasked with developing modern AI solutions in healthcare

While many professionals in the space might still be learning how to adapt to modern demands, there are experts who don’t consider these changes to be a setback but a symptom of modernity. The time has come for professionals to put the age-old saying, “Modern problems required modern solutions,” to use.

The advancement of AI solutions in healthcare

In a recent interview on the state of using AI for healthcare products, recent findings at Star noted the many benefits, including how clinical trials and research for drugs will be made online without the need to make any trials on animals or humans. This marks a huge advancement in the field along with its products. Various experts at Star and beyond are urging healthcare professionals not to be wary of impending changes, but rather excited about the solutions they will bring.

In addition to eliminating animal testing, the introduction of AI applications in healthcare will ensure the efficiency of telehealth services while also maintaining comprehensive frameworks. It’ll be easier to transfer and protect data under HIPAA with a cloud-based system in place, ensuring better security measures for healthcare workers and patients alike.

If the health care industry successfully integrates AI applications into their daily workflows, there will be a massively positive disruption to healthcare systems all over. Introducing AI technology in healthcare can bring forward the following solutions: 

  • Personalized experiences between practitioners and patients
  • More affordable cures 
  • A more efficient healthcare staff 

What the future holds for health tech

The AI solutions in the healthtech industry stretch even further than simplifying processes on the front lines. AI’s potential in the space is vast due to the technological opportunity to streamline how patients receive important diagnoses. These new advancements are already being put into practice by medical professionals in various corners of the medical world. 

For example, Star’s UK-based client has reported using AI to pinpoint skin cancer conditions in record time. As most are aware, the cancer screening process in most countries is a few weeks. Depending on healthcare and insurance providers in the United States, there have been various instances of cancer patients jumping from stage 3 to stage 4 cancer while awaiting confirmation of results. 

With the implementation of AI, this particular UK-based company reported being able to diagnose and send results almost instantly. AI is not merely a solution, but a game-changer in the medical field that could save thousands of lives. These instances can translate further than cancer research, making the possibilities truly endless.

Healthcare companies that opt to leverage AI technology will continue to be at the forefront of each leap in progress. AI-powered software as a medical device will bring about many solutions, including technologies that might not even yet exist. Integrating AI into SaMD can result in potential combinations of implantables, wearables, and software.

In short, experts at Star have a solid point about the future of technology and its benefits. The use of AI applications in the healthcare industry will continue to serve as a logical solution to the inevitable and ever-expanding societal leaps in technology. Only time will tell what additional solutions AI integration will bring to the field, but one thing can be certain: It’s an exciting time for anyone in the medical world.