How Proper Sleep Creates Highly Productive Employees

How Proper Sleep Creates Highly Productive Employees
How Proper Sleep Creates Highly Productive Employees

In business management school, bosses probably weren’t taught to care too much about whether their employees got a good night’s rest before walking into work. That might be changing in the near future, though. Why? Because the link between sleep and productivity is becoming more clear by the day.

Hours of Sleep vs. Proper Sleep

Sleep is one of the ultimate contributing factors in how we move throughout the day of a employee. It’s not just a matter of how long we sleep for, though. It’s a matter of how well we sleep, too. This is because you can sleep for a decent amount of hours. However, if you spent the night tossing and turning, or woke up with terrible back pain from a bad mattress, then you’re not going to be very productive. 

 One out of three people aren’t getting enough quality rest at night. It’s estimated that the economy is losing a staggering $62.3 billion dollars every year due to productivity issues caused by inadequate sleep. Those numbers will continue to grow if we don’t learn how to combat this issue now. Fortunately, a lot of effort is being put toward improving the way we sleep. 

The Consequences of Sleep Problems

When you don’t get the kind of sleep your body needs, it can impact you in many ways. Mentally, it can make you feel foggy headed and unable to focus. It can cause serious impairments that hurt your productivity, because you’re not as alert as you need to be. This can hinder your motivation, make it easy for you to make mistakes, and leave you operating at half-capacity.

Physically, it can hinder your ability to be fully present at work. In fact, it can hinder your ability to be present at work at all. When your body doesn’t get the rest it needs, your immune system suffers. This means you’re more susceptible to catching things like the flu, a cold, and more. 

The Benefits of Proper Sleep

When you’re able to get a good night’s sleep, you’ll be able to thrive in many ways. You’ll be more alert, which means you’ll be more attentive to what you’re doing. This will result in less mistakes and happier clients. Your body and your mind will be better equipped to take in all of the information it needs. 

Your immune system will not suffer, because your body will be properly cared for. This means you won’t need to call in sick for work, and lose a great deal of productivity in the process. You can’t be productive if you’re not even in the office.    

When you give yourself the proper sleep you need, you’re setting yourself up for success. Your productivity will be operating at its maximum peak and you’ll generally feel better than ever. At the end of the day, proper sleep is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. 

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