Mistakes You Should Avoid on Instagram

Instagram is a powerful tool for businesses, but it’s also an easy place to make mistakes. Let’s take a look at some common errors and how you can avoid them. First, don’t forget about the basics of good content: captions and hashtags are key to getting your post seen by more people. Additionally, consider utilizing Instagram Growth Services to boost your presence on the platform. And as always, be sure not to overpost or spam your followers with ads – they’ll unfollow you faster than you can say “engagement rate.”    Second, if you’re posting sponsored content that doesn’t match your brand voice, then it’s time to reconsider what type of posts should come from your account.

Third, If you don’t know how to start increasing your follower base, try to use services such as Growthoid that will help you get Instagram followers by manually increasing your organic traffic. This way you can start growing your Instagram with a real audience that will engage with your account. If these tips are helpful, here are a few more, and a few mistakes that you should avoid when using Instagram.

Not using hashtags

The first mistake that you should not make on Instagram is not using hashtags when you post. If you are not familiar with social media platforms, hashtags are a way to categorize and group content in order to make it easier to be found by users.

This means that when you use a hashtag on your post, it makes it far more discoverable, and increases your reach, which in turn leads to more followers.

Using the incorrect hashtags

The second mistake that you should avoid at all costs is using the incorrect hashtag. You might be wondering exactly what this means, and if you are new to Instagram, it’s an easy mistake to make. This basically means that whatever your post is about, the hashtag you use should be relevant to it.

By using incorrect hashtags, you aren’t targeting the audience that you want, but more than that, it can actually hurt your discoverability. Instagram is now punishing accounts for using irrelevant hashtags for the purpose of receiving views on posts.

Posting outside of your niche

Posting outside of your niche is very similar to using the incorrect hashtag. When it comes to Instagram, you want to make sure that whoever is viewing your profile is 100% aware of exactly what type of content they can expect from you. This helps users to decide if they want to follow you or not.

Aside from this, posting outside of your niche means that you aren’t targeting your audience, which means far less engagement.

Not having a niche

The biggest mistake to make is not having a niche at all, and being a jack of all trades. While it might seem like a good idea to post as much diverse content as possible to appeal to all audiences, this doesn’t work for a number of reasons. The first is that users won’t know what content to expect from you, so they won’t follow you. The second is that you aren’t targeting an audience, and as a result, your account won’t grow.

Posting only images

Instagram is a visual platform, and while posting images was the only thing you could do when it was released, there are many more ways to post now. People want to be entertained on Instagram, and to receive engagement, you have to post entertaining content.

It is for this reason that you have to be posting videos too, which you can do from your gallery, using Reels, IGTV, and Stories. Keep your followers entertained and you will receive more of them.

Not commenting on posts

Instagram is a social media platform, so it is imperative that you are social, and the easiest way to be social is by commenting on the posts of other users. Engagement is basically a currency on Instagram, and the better engagement rates an account has, the more reach it has.

By commenting on posts, you are making your account visible to other users, and if you post something of merit, a user will check out your profile, and you could have potentially gained a new follower.

Not knowing what’s trending

Just like any social media platform, certain content becomes popular, and when that happens, it is considered to be trending. This could be anything from hashtag challenges, to a specific filter, the way a video is taken or even a political statement.

By being aware of what is trending, you are giving yourself the advantage of being relevant, and relevant accounts and posts get visitors and engagement. Be sure to post trending content within your niche though, as stated, posting outside of your niche is not good.