Millionaire Speak: Translating the Language of Financial Freedom

Millionaire Speak: Translating the Language of Financial Freedom
Millionaire Speak: Translating the Language of Financial Freedom

When you’re a millionaire, you walk different. Think different. You even talk different. If you aspire to something greater than where you’re at right now in life, then here is what you need to know about the millionaire’s secret language.

People have a love-hate relationship with the word “limitation.” Most people, even many entrepreneurs, believe in the mantra “there are no limitations.” But, do millionaires really believe this?

Millionaires who work hard and make their own way know there are limitations on what they can do: limitations on time, resources, and energy. But, they use it to their advantage. Rather than hold them down, it lifts them up. It frees them from the burden of having to do everything and subsequently accomplishing nothing.

It moves them from being a “jack of all trades” to a “master of one.”

For example, a millionaire might know that he or she is good at a particular activity or has a particular talent. Rather than waste time during other things that they’re not good at, they hone the thing they are good at and leave the rest to someone else.

You see this a lot in the tech industry, where an entrepreneur may be good at coding or design, or maybe just being the face of the business. And, the other jobs are delegated to someone else. This is how they get to be so rich.


You have to let fear go when you start a business or invest. But, you can’t forget about fear. Even millionaires are afraid of something. There are all different types of fears which hold you back from reaching your goals. These are the bad kind of fears.

At the same time, millionaires have a healthy respect for the very real possibility of failure. And, it can instill a sense of fear — fear which leads them to protect their assets by buying insurance and hiring a lawyer. According to out of Rhode Island, a businessperson or investor could be wiped out by a single personal injury lawsuit.

So, it’s important to be brave in the face of fear while also respecting and being afraid of very real dangers.


This is one that gets thrown around a lot. The reality is if you’re not willing to push yourself hard, there’s no way to become a self-made millionaire. Owning your own business is hard. There are many mistakes you can and will make. But, at the end of the day, multimillionaires know the ultimate fulfillment of reaching their goals is better when they’ve had to suffer and persevere.


Almost no one truly understands and respects this word anymore. If you don’t know what it means to be patient, then it’s impossible to reach your professional or financial goals. But, it’s also a very difficult concept to teach. Often, it means waiting around when you want to act. Or, it means doing things which don’t have an immediate payoff, but which will payoff eventually.

It may mean spending hours, days, months, or even years developing a very small aspect of your business or spending that time on personal development with little or no immediate financial return.

People who stay poor, or people who always feel like success is just out of reach, are the ones who are constantly chasing investment returns, or the “next big thing.”

Toby Randall is a wealthy business man who is nearing an early retirement. Winding down his hands-on approach to his businesses he is spending more time sharing his knowledge with those who are just starting out.