Low Code and Artificial Intelligence Working to Create Intelligent Software

Low Code and Artificial Intelligence Working to Create Intelligent Software

There is a new wave of low-code app platforms that are beginning to harness the potentials of artificial intelligence in order to ameliorate efficiency and automate the workflow controls.

It has enabled people with limited coding knowledge to access the potentials of AI in a more efficient way. It is paving the way to create intelligent applications that can better cater to the growing requirements of the customers.

What is Low-Code Development?

It is an advanced visual development approach that enables developers to create web as well as mobile applications by using model-driven logic and drag and drop elements via a graphic user interface.

When you read more about it, you will understand that it is among the growing development approaches out there.

Potentials of Combining Artificial Intelligence and Low-Code Platform

With effective low-code tools, you can develop a smart application and streamline the way we adapt to the changes in a more agile manner.

Such applications provide the organization with a competitive advantage of expanding their team by including people from different departments, thereby facilitating effective collaboration of multidisciplinary teams.

Furthermore, by incorporating artificial intelligence, you will be able to make the whole process smarter; therefore build a solution that efficiently works towards accomplishing targeted objectives.

Harnessing the Core Aspects of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is divided into categories that work towards solving specific problems. Business can integrate a relevant aspect of AI with low-code development to develop more streamlined and performance-centric applications –

· Intelligent Assistant

An intelligent assistant or IA is basically a software agent that performance task on behalf of the individuals. Siri, Alexa, Cortana, etc. are perfect examples of IA.

These assistants use online resources to provide answers to questions about sports, weather, news, directions, etc. They also offer services like setting alarms, playing songs, reminders, special alerts, etc.

· Text Analysis

AI text analysis is a process of retrieving information from a massive amount of text data. A program leverages Natural Language Processing in order to understand the data and interpret it.

Businesses use this program to automate the process of understanding users reviews and comments on a large scale, thereby providing the team to make data-backed decisions.

· Chatbots

AI Chatbots are computer programs that facilitate human conversation via text chats, voice command or both. It is a category of artificial intelligence that can be integrated into business websites and applications in order to stimulate uninterrupted communication with the customers. Ever since its inception, it has become an integral part of digital platforms.

· Image Analysis

Image analysis is a process in which a particular image is manipulated in order to optimize it or extract valuable information from it.

Artificial intelligence, when integrated with the image process, can help in detecting objects and action in a picture or video, implement face recognition, operate visual search, etc.

Low-code is an approach that enables us to create an application quickly. When this approach is combined with the potential of artificial intelligence, it can create intelligence solutions that cater to a wide range of existing technical and non-technical challenges.