LEOcrowd: A Unique Crowdfunding Platform for Entrepreneurs

LEOcrowd: A Unique Crowdfunding Platform for Entrepreneurs

A new crowdfunding platform LEOcrowd, launched globally in Stockholm, Sweden last April 16, 2016. The platform, www.LEOcrowd.com, was designed specifically for entrepreneurs and those with creative ideas to source alternate finance to bring their projects to life.

The LEOcrowd crowdfunding platform was born out of Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd a global online business training company, and the creators of the groundbreaking digital currency, Leocoin. LEO, with their “Learn Earn Own” business philosophy empowers entrepreneurs through resources, education and now funding, so that they can have the tools necessary to be a success.

LEOcrowd’s mission is to “set entrepreneurial spirits free” by bringing together those with business ideas, new innovative projects or exciting new inventions together with those who are willing to back such projects.

LEOcrowd General Manager David Johnstone, said “LEOcrowd is more than just another crowdfunding platform, it is a community devoted to bringing creative ideas or start up business to life.  We want to help launch tens of thousands of businesses around the world.

Based in London’s Tech city, the hub of the business startup community, LEOcrowd operates a REWARD based crowdfunding model that has distinct advantages.

Firstly through its relationship with Learning Enterprises Organisation it has a global footprint in 140 countries already.

Secondly it facilitates payment through digital currencies such as Bitcoin or LEOcoin, making it at the cutting edge of financial technology.  Access to digital currency fundraising will enable projects to be more global and help strip down financial barriers typically in place when raising capital internationally. Mr Johnstone added, “Access to finance for startup businesses or those with great ideas has become increasingly difficult and we provide the solution”

About LEO (Learning Enterprises Organisation)

Learning Enterprises Organisation, Ltd. (LEO, “Learn Earn Own”) is an entrepreneurial membership network designed to deliver knowledge, resources and inspiration for entrepreneurs worldwide. Its motivational philosophy is centered around unleashing human potential for the betterment of entrepreneurs, small businesses and the global economy. The LEO ecosystem includes a vast array of products, services and educational tours designed for entrepreneurs including LEO eTutoring, multilingual training products LEO Coreline, LEOxChange digital currency exchange for LEOcoin, social network LEO Cafe, and LEOcharity. LEO has offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Egypt, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. To learn more go to www.learnearnown.com.