Korean EdTech CUBROID Making Coding Fun And Exciting For Children With Creative Coding Blocks

Korean EdTech CUBROID Making Coding Fun And Exciting For Children With Creative Coding Blocks

With the world becoming more and more digitized, coding is going to be an essential language to learn for future generations. Considering this need for the future-world, many companies are offering options in the market for making coding fun to learn for children.

Korean EdTech Startup CUBROID is one of the frontrunner company that has dedicated its resources to develop exciting and fun coding blocks to make young minds future-ready.

Established in 2017, CUBROID is a global AI and robotics learning company. CUBROID designs and manufactures smart AI robots and coding blocks for children. It is an establishment of a selection of TIPS programs in 2017 and a US corporation. CUBROID’s products are specially designed to introduce children from age five years and above to the concept of coding, engineering and Artificial Intelligence.

CUBROID’s innovative products

The company offers two types of products currently.

1) CUBROID Coding Blocks:

They are coding block sets that allow children to explore the robotics world and gain exposure in coding. Through the use of dynamic & wireless connector blocks and simple coding platforms, it offers a fun and educational experience for children to express their creativity. The blocks are fun for children as they are compatible with Lego blocks and has smartphone coding and control mode. The CUBROID coding blocks help kids understand the relationship between hardware and software, develops problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, collaboration, and creativity skills through science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Children can make interesting shapes and forms like camera, robot, helicopter, dinosaur, etc. using the coding blocks and enjoy controlling and operating those creations. The CUBROID Phone Coding App can be downloaded from the App/Play store for controlling the assembled blocks. CUBROID also has an advanced Tablet App version. CUBROID can be operated through the Scratch programming platform when the master block is connected to a PC with a USB cable.

CUBROID coding block sets are available in four different versions.  There is a CUBROID Coding Blocks Entry Kit priced at $199, CUBROID Coding Blocks Starter Kit at $299, CUBROID Coding Blocks Premium Kit at $399, and CUBROID Coding Blocks Premium kit with four workbooks priced at $450.

2) ARTIBO – AI Coding Block

ARTIBO is an AI Coding robot block that makes coding exciting and fun. ARTIBO is more than a toy robot. It is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) coding block, powered by up-to-date tech and is cute, chirpy and funny. ARTIBO, small enough to fit into a pocket, has a camera for eyes, a speaker for the mouth, a microphone for ears. ARTIBO’s applications are limitless. It moves from one place to another at kid’s coding, plays sound and music of various mood and expresses emotion. ARTIBO can connect to the Internet or a smartphone and is an excellent option for kids from age ten years and above.

The elements of ARTIBO like image & voice recognition, physical computing, STEAM, smart device coding teaches various things like creative framework between software & hardware, problem-solving, logical reasoning, coding and controlling wirelessly, etc.

ARTIBO can shoot digital images with a built-in camera and can identify the image and/or text, detect face & compare face and recognize celebrities readily.  With a simple line of codes, ARTIBO performs advanced actions like changing your voice into letters, translating and reading messages. ARTIBO can speak in 13 languages and express various emotions.

ARTIBO comes with an AI block, a motor block, a connector block and silicon wheels. The AI block houses the LED screen, camera, speaker, and microphone. The user can separate the AI block and put it aside while another works. It is simple to start with ARTIBO by downloading the ARTIBO Manager app from the App/Play Store and register device on it.

ARTIBO can be a great friend for children as it helps them develop skills needed to make them future-ready. Apart from the coding skills, ARTIBO teaches cognitive life skills like problem solving, creativity, logical thinking and gives a sense of accomplishment. Priced at $399, ARTIBO is an excellent deal for a futuristic education skill.

CUBROID’s E-Learning Platform

Besides the AI-coding blocks, CUBROID also offers an e-learning platform for children to understand the depth of coding easily. The platform offers a basic exploration course for preschoolers who are new to CUBROID blocks, advanced course for older children and user guides for CUBROID blocks and ARTIBO. It also has AI basic coding course for Scratch, a course on Python programming and App inventor basic course.


The idea of CUBROID was born when the CEO Mark Shin wanted to create an easy to assemble & code square-shaped robots using the concept of Arduino but in a shape of a box (cube) as a gift for his three daughters so they can learn not only how to assemble and code robots but also see their imaginations come to life.

Mark Shin has a strong passion and background in Educational Technology, Robotics, AI, and Future Education, has developed over 100 apps for early childhood education.

As of 2020, over 46 countries are exporting CUBROID’s coding blocks, and it is used in more than 10,000 schools. CUBROID aims to provide the most uncomplicated computing and robotics education through STEAM. It was selected for the first Penguin of the Credit Guarantee Fund in 2018. The company wants that children all over the world enjoy assembling, coding and playing with robots through the use of its products and services.