4 Things About Dubai That Excite Entrepreneurs

Dubai Skyline

Today, there’s no better place on earth but Dubai. Especially if you are reading as an entrepreneur, we’re glad to have you here. When people talk about Dubai, they often begin to swoon over the business options available. Keep In mind, UAE is in its best version right now and is one of the most sought after places on Earth. According to the department of economic development, Dubai has witnessed a 13% increase in the number of companies registering in it every year. As far as the location is concerned, it faces more than 1 billion business options globally. Here, we will walk you through a few strong reasons why the entrepreneurs find this place attractive for investment:

A Welcoming Landscape

One of the most obvious and leading reasons why entrepreneurs look up to Dubai as a great business option is because of its mind-boggling landscape. Especially in the last few years, the business climate of Dubai has changed drastically.  Several startups have chosen Dubai because they believe it will be easy for them to achieve global attention quickly. If you have heard about the famous Dubizzle, you will know that they have sold around 51% to OLX in Dubai. Because OLX is trending in 22 countries globally, the company chose to invest in it.

The Idea of Bright Lights

Although it sounds weird, all of us agree to the fact that bright lights are very attractive. Secondly, who wouldn’t want to invest in a climate where the visual appeal is best in the world. In simple words, the city is nothing less than an espresso on the rocks. The energy is amazing, and the bright light can compel anyone to stop by and purchase different products.  Secondly, the giant skyscrapers and top-notch hotels are admired by millions of people globally. A report in 2012 concluded that the reason why people swoon over Dubai was because of its amazing lifestyle.

Starting a Business in Dubai is Easy

Contrary to what you might have heard or read, starting a business in Dubai is very easy. Secondly, with the tax amount being small, entrepreneurs are convinced to invest here. If you want details regarding the Dubai RAK company formation, you will be thrilled to know that it is the easiest process. Similarly, if you want any information regarding opening a business of a certain kind, you can easily get professional help on the web. Today. Dubai is the hottest place on earth for any business to thrive, which is why investors are grabbing opportunities.

A Diverse Economy

One of the leading myths that continue to hound Dubai is, it is only known for is oil. However, the truth be told, Dubai is known for several aspects and not just the oil. Although there is no running away from the fact that Dubai came into existence because of oil, the climate has changed drastically. Today, Dubai is looked at as a social and vibrant location. Because it is flocked with millions of people every year, it has become a golden spot for every business type. You will be surprised to know, the non-oil industry in Dubai constitutes around 70% of the nation’s total GDP Growth.