June 16th and 17th: first edition of Hack VivaTech

June 16th and 17th: first edition of Hack VivaTech

June 16th and 17th: first edition of Hack VivaTech

Twenty-Five Hours To Solve The Challenges Of Deep-Tech!

Following on from the first edition of VivaTech, which welcomed more than 5,000 startups and 20,000 executives in 2016, the second edition, taking place in Paris from 15 – 17 June 2017, opens its doors to developers and creators via a hackathon – one of the largest in Europe.

Hack VivaTech aims to honor the process of product development by creating a hackathon challenge. The idea? To unite communities (students, entrepreneurs, designers, data scientists, academics, and business people) using creativity and technology; participants will be tasked to generate solutions around four major challenges of the 21st century.

During this 25-hour marathon of product development, competing ideas will clash and only the best will prevail. A mix of creativity, programming and marketing will come together to breathe life into a new product or service, that will shine bright on-stage in front of tech luminaries. More than 200 participants from 10 European countries are expected to take part.

To guide participants through this challenge, 30 experts (designers, tech mentors, and entrepreneurs) from the Hack40 collective will accompany the teams, and pass on their knowledge and skills around the best hacking practices.

At the public awards ceremony, the four winning teams will each receive a prize of €10,000. Furthermore, the overall winner will go on to spend time with Joel Spolsky, the founder of Trello and Stack Overflow – and promoter of the first edition of Hack VivaTech.

The challenges to resolve include:

  •  Empowering people to live better lives (sponsor: AXA)
  •  Event experience: Reimagining the Digital Experience of VivaTech Attendees (sponsor: CISCO)
  •  New Ways of Working empowered by AI (sponsor: Microsoft)
  •  Boosting your work experience: smart building and co-working (sponsor: Sodexo) For more information and to register your attendance, please visit: