Top Business Marketing Trends In Times Of Coronavirus Crisis

Top Business Marketing Trends In Times Of Coronavirus Crisis

· Only 13% of businesses utilise podcast advertising – a growing strategy
· 71% intend to implement interactive advertising in future campaigns – that’s a 49% increase than those who do
· The technique most businesses are trialling is outstream videos (60%)
· Chatbots are the least appealing to businesses – only 33% intend to implement them this year

The immediate impact Coronavirus has had on businesses is frightening, and companies are beginning to adapt their online marketing/advertising strategies to stay afloat amid an unpredictable future. But which strategies do businesses intend to take advantage of?

Digital marketing company Reboot Digital Marketing Agency sought to find out by surveying 1,193 businesses across a range of industries to discover the top 10 advertising trends businesses are using and intend to adopt.

Which strategies are businesses currently using?

The company found that outstream videos is the marketing strategy that most brands are using in these difficult times, with 60% of respondents saying they have used videos in their recent campaigns. Another recurrent strategy was remarketing. 54% of brands said they used remarketing strategies to give a boost to their marketing.

On the other side of the spectrum, podcast advertising is the least utilised technique. As podcasts become increasingly popular for commuters, only 13% of businesses said they currently tap into this market – 87% are missing these opportunities to attract customers. This is followed by shoppable videos and ads in popular apps. Only 19% of businesses are implementing these methods, like Instagram shopping.

Thereafter, the next most popular trends include:

• Interactive adverts – 22%
• Brand takeovers withing popular apps – 23%
• Google AMP for ads and post-click pages (ALP) – 37%
• Local influencer advertising – 41%
• Chatbots – 43%
• In-feed native videos within popular apps – 48%
• Remarketing – 54%
• Outstream videos – 60%

Advertising trends businesses are pioneering

Which strategies WILL be used by businesses?

In first place, as consumers are told to stay home, it is expected a boost in digital users and content, that is why businesses most intend to utilise outstream videos (80%) – a 20% increase from the amount already using.

This is followed by interactive adverts at 71% – a whopping 49% increase in interest compared to the number who are already featuring it in their advertising campaigns.
In decreasing popularity, the remaining trends place as follows:

• In-feed native videos within popular apps – 66%
• Re-marketing – 61%
• Brand takeovers within popular apps – 57%
• Google AMP for ads and post-click pages (ALP) – 52%
• Local influencer advertising – 49%
• Shoppable videos/ads in popular apps – 48%
• Podcast advertising – 45%
• Chatbots – 33%.

Managing Director of Reboot Online, Shai Aharony, said: “Our society is dominated by the digital age, which influences and guides our everyday decisions. It’s for this reason that businesses need to keep on top of trending advertising techniques more than ever before – that’s if they hope to appeal to their target markets.

It’s shocking to see that as few as 13% of businesses are taking advantage of effective techniques, though higher intentions to utilise them down the line is promising. Ultimately, businesses have got a long way to go to fully streamline their advertising campaigns and attract as many potential customers as they can.”