Java: Perfect Programming Language for Artificial Intelligence

Java: Perfect Programming Language for Artificial Intelligence

Among programming languages ​​used in AI, Java is one of the most popular. It helps create solutions for machine learning, neural networks, search algorithms, genetic programming, and multi-robotic systems. Properties such as object orientation and scalability are a must for AI projects, and Java suits here perfectly. Since today AI technologies are already actively used by businesses, Java developers are in great demand. Java can be the perfect programming language for artificial intelligence .

perfect programming language for artificial intelligence .
Java: Perfect Programming Language for Artificial Intelligence

Business Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

According to DataProt, the global artificial intelligence market will reach $267 billion by 2027. As of 2021, 37% of companies are already using AI technologies. These figures show that many businesses understand the value AI adds. For those who have not yet implemented AI in their business, it’s time to think about it.

Artificial intelligence technologies would come in handy in different areas of business. All of them need to manage customer behavior, study future market trends, and automate routine processes. AI helps simplify these actions.

Here are some of the areas in which AI is most in demand:

  • Transport. Self-driving cars that “feel” the environment and move without human intervention can transform the transportation system. AI analyzes traffic and alternate routes, reducing travel times.
  • Production. High-performance robots are faster and more efficient than humans. Through the use of 3D technology and machine vision, they can speed up the manufacturing process.
  • Healthcare. Artificial intelligence applications are becoming an essential companion for medical personnel. Autonomous surgical robots, virtual nursing assistants, and automated image diagnostics made AI critical to the technological advancement of the healthcare industry.
  • Entertainment. Machine learning can predict user behavior and recommend movies, music, TV shows, and other content. Even ads are personalized based on user preference, increasing the chances of marketers to sell.
  • Sports. Predictive analysis and automation would help make business decisions, sell tickets, and measure athletes’ performance.

Artificial intelligence can be a reliable assistant in business and improve performance in all directions. For example, it is easier for artificial intelligence to study statistics and forecasts. It can quickly process huge amounts of data and offer the most optimal prices. This will help the business to increase its revenue.

Self-learning neural networks analyze customer behavior and detect suspicious transactions so that you can react to them in time. Also, AI can study your previous sales and market research to make predictions. It analyzes the behavior of competitors to develop a smart marketing strategy that is more likely to be successful.

Sometimes it is crucial to analyze information quickly and react to it even faster. A good example is exchange transactions. Unfortunately, conventional algorithms cannot adapt themselves to new conditions and data. Artificial intelligence provides this opportunity and increases your productivity.

No matter how hard-working your employees are, they can make mistakes under the influence of dozens of factors that you cannot predict and eliminate. Artificial intelligence has no emotions and feelings. There is only data, functions, and technology. Sometimes stability is critical, and AI wins over humans here.

Today, when creating AI solutions, millions of developers program in Java. Large corporations use this programming language to develop and support their products worldwide. For example, Google uses Java for many of its products, as well as Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, and Uber.

Java’s Strengths

The main feature of Java is the number of highly specialized tools for solving specific problems: libraries and frameworks. Working with them requires good programming skills and constant training.

For example, these tools include the popular Weka library, which contains many ready-made machine learning algorithms for data analysis. The library helps developers solve classification, regression analysis, and data clustering issues. The library implements such learning algorithms as support vector machines, decision trees, logistic regression, feature selection algorithms, filtering methods, etc.

Also, the Smile framework helps solve machine learning problems in the field of natural language analysis, data visualization, and others. ELKI framework for KDD applications is used to work with data in a relational database, and the Java-ML library allows solving clustering and function selection problems.

Other Java’s strengths include:

  • Easy debugging
  • Free tutorials
  • Large-scale projects simplification
  • Reliable community
  • Representation of data in graphics
  • Standard widget toolkit
  • Better interaction with the user
  • Large range of security features for implementing commonly-used AI-based algorithms that define the access of classes

Perfect Programming Language for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Projects Programmed on Java

Java code is used in many projects related to AI. Here are some interesting examples.

Robocode. A well-known and popular open-source Java-based game that allows users to learn the principles of Java programming. It is also well suited for learning the basic principles of robotics and artificial intelligence. In Robocode, the player creates his own tank robot, programs its strategy, and develops software, competing with the robots of other users. First created back in 2000, Robocode is still one of the most popular and famous games for programmers to this day.

Alice Chatbot. A program capable of conducting a dialogue with a person in a natural language. It uses the technique of heuristic matching of the user’s phrases with patterns in the knowledge base. Considered one of the best chatbots, Alice has won the Loebner Prize three times.

WEKA Machine Learning Suite. An open list of algorithms that are used to develop machine learning methods. All WEKA algorithms are geared towards machine learning and data mining. The WEKA Machine Learning Suite is now widely used in the business environment, providing companies with simplified data analysis and predictive analytics.

JOONE Neural Engine. A popular multi-platform that allows you to create, train and test neural networks. Joone consists of component architecture based on complementary components that can be extended to build new algorithms and neural network architectures. In addition, Joone has a GUI application that allows you to create and test any neural networks graphically.

Among the many specialized and universal programming languages used in AI, Java takes a special place. Simple in syntax, platform-independent, it has become very popular among IT professionals. The benefits of Java-based AI projects outweigh their disadvantages, making it possible to take your business to the next level.