Innovative Hacks That Will Help Your Business Gain More Followers On Social Media

Innovative Hacks That Will Help Your Business Gain More Followers On Social Media

Social media is such a powerful tool for your business. I wrote a whole article how social media can promote your products and how it can be used to promote your products. However, you’ll only see the benefits of social media if you have a high follower count. Keeping that in mind, here are some simple hacks to help your business gain followers:

Connect With Other Brands

An easy way for your business to grow its social media presence is by connecting with other brands. Contact some brands that are more popular than you and link well with your company. You can try and come up with a collaboration of sorts that benefits both parties. This can be something as simple as this brand posting an article about your business on their blog. It doesn’t matter how you collab, the connection between you two is key. It means that this post social updates including your social media handles. So, all of their followers will see your name and there’s a high chance they’ll follow you. Essentially, you’re piggybacking off the success of popular brands and using it to your advantage.

Start Directing Your Web Traffic

As a business, you have to understand that your website and social media accounts go hand in hand. There are two key things to consider here; firstly, you need clear social media icons on your website that link people to your social accounts. Your traffic will see these icons and click on them then get taken directly to the pages where they can follow you, simple! However, this only works if you have a lot of web traffic. So, your second consideration is gaining as much traffic for your site as possible. You can find places like that help you gain traffic through SEO. But, you should also consider things like PPC and advertising two. Now, you have traffic, and that will lead to more people seeing your social media icons and clicking on them!

Post Updates At Peak Times

Many businesses don’t understand how important timing is to their social media success. You can post something at a certain time and get very little engagement. However, post the same thing at a different time, and you will receive loads of engagement and in an influx of followers. All you have to do is learn the peak times to post on social media. There are loads of articles that tell you the best times to post, as seen on sites like

By posting at peak times you can gain maximum engagement from your social media posts. This means there’s more chance people will see your updates and react to them. They can get shared quickly, and you’ll reach a wider audience leading to more followers. This is probably the simplest way of gaining more followers on social media. It’s an easy trick, and your business needs to start utilizing it.

These three tips can bring brilliant results to your business. Boost that follower count and start realizing the benefits social media has on a modern company.