IBM plans to invest $17 million in Colombian #Cloud Data Center

IBM will inject $17m to build a datacentre located in Bogota, Columbia that will serve up the company’s cloud and big data services to enterprises in the region. Big Blue says it will be offering its cloud, smarter systems and big data offerings, expanding on the company’s $8m investment into its datacentre infrastructure in Columbia in 2011.

According to Colombian consulting firm Vision Growth Consulting, “Colombia is one of the fastest growing countries outsourcing datacenter services in Latin America, with an estimated 15.3% growth of the data center services market in Colombia in 2013, mainly driven by cloud computing, among others, which is already a reality in the country.”

“In the current competitive environment, Colombia companies are looking for high value solutions that help them solve complexity through innovation and business insight by addressing organic growth and productivity issues. Our new datacenter and our professionals aim to contribute to the private and public companies’ development and the countries progress. This new investment showcases our clients’ trust in our expertise and services, as well as the commitment IBM has made to the country’ growth”, said Francisco Thiermann, General Manager IBM Colombia.

IBM explained that with the help of its business expertise and best practices, cloud computing allows Columbian firms to efficiently deliver new services to their customers, expand into new markets, incorporate mobile devices, and grow revenue. Colombian consulting firm Vision Growth Consulting added that Columbia is one of the fastest growing countries outsourcing data center services in Latin America, with an estimated 15.3 percent growth of the data center services market in Colombia in 2013.

IBM has made multi-million-dollar investments in Latin America since 2009, opening nine IT Services Centers located in Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay, which provide round-the-clock services. Globally, IBM delivers global scale, talent and technology based on business expertise and a global network of more than 70 Service Delivery Centers and more than 400 Data Centers in 170 countries covering more than 40 languages.

Big Blue IBM has strategically been aligning itself with the rapid proliferation of cloud computing in important sectors like banking and healthcare to start delivering new services, with cloud, Smarter Systems and Big Data, expanding into new markets, incorporating mobile devices, and growing revenue.