How to Successfully Execute Your Giving Tuesday Goals

How to Successfully Execute Your Giving Tuesday Goals
How to Successfully Execute Your Giving Tuesday Goals

Americans have been breaking donation records year after year since Giving Tuesday launched in 2012 .

It’s the one day of the year when people are encouraged to give what they can to a charitable organization. If you run a non-profit, we’re going to show you how to execute your Giving Tuesday goals successfully.

Create a Strategy

Last year, Giving Tuesday helped to raise an incredible $250M+, with the average donation being $137. To maximize donations, you must integrate an effective strategy that has people flocking to your organization on Giving Tuesday. We recommend utilizing email outreach to connect with potential donors.

An Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing has the power to drive web traffic, boost brand awareness and increase ROIs. For this reason, it is an essential method for executing your Giving Tuesday goals. 33% of online fundraising in 2015 came from email back. Yet, to drive engagement and interaction, we recommend utilizing segmentation to create personalized campaigns based on a subscriber’s behaviour. Marketers have found a 760% in email revenue from segmented campaigns.

Engage with Existing Donors

You might be shocked to learn that 88% of dollars raised on Giving Tuesday came from 12% of an organization’s donors. One of the best ways to stay at the forefront of their minds is through email marketing automation. To retain donors, it’s important to send regular re-engagement messages to provide customized communications to their inbox.

Engage with a patron or potential donor by ensuring your emails and website are mobile-friendly. 49% of people still open emails via desktop, yet over half (53%) read their emails on a mobile device; this increased to 75% of emails during the holiday seasons.