How To Socially Innovate Your Workplace

How To Socially Innovate Your Workplace
How To Socially Innovate Your Workplace

The world of work is constantly popping up in the news these days for one reason or another. One that keeps popping up is due to of the way the old office structure works in today’s society.

You only have to look at the rise in self-employment to see that people are turning away from the restraints of office life. But, how can you modify your office to help combat this?

Social innovation is something that’s constantly being mentioned, and from flexible working to employee loans and giving people a purpose – it could prevent your workers from leaving for a life of self-employment.

What is it

If you’re wondering what social innovation is, it isn’t something that involves increasing social media or technology in the office. However, the implementation of certain technologies could help.

Instead, social innovation is a mixture of social practices designed to meet social needs in a better way than existing solutions. This fits into the world of work perfectly, especially with the mental health of workers being such a high priority these days, which is why we’ve listed three ways to innovate your business below.


In today’s society, it would seem that the nine-to-five working day just doesn’t work anymore. In fact, a Global Trends Study found that 51% of employees wished their company had more flexible working options.

If you’re truly looking to make your work environment better for employees, this could be the first step forward. Allowing people to pick their working hours during the week, or opting to work from home could increase productivity and make employees happier. It’s easy to do as well, especially with technology allowing us to communicate at all times, no matter where we are.

Mental health

Health and well-being is the one thing that should be at the top of your list. With many struggling to find a work/life balance these days, adding initiatives to help workers wind down or calm themselves can truly help them, you and the business.

Flexible working is one way, but there should be a focus on physical, psychological and financial wellness to ensure you’re really looking after employees.

From offering on-site health screenings and mental health days, where an employee takes the day off, to paying for more education or helping them out financially, these can all help. Even simple things like meditation and yoga have all proved to help.


Finally, people these days like to see that they’re working with a purpose, rather than just putting money back into a company.

Therefore, they’re willing to give up a fancy office for more meaningful work, rather than the mundane. It’ll also help to let them take part in initiatives and charity incentives, to show them they’re helping others, which been shown to boost productivity.

These are just three ways to help, but all impact on mental health, and if your employees are well, the company will do well too.

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