8 Ways to Get Good Reviews for Your Student Business

Customer reviews are much more effective than almost any advertising. Nowadays it is so easy to make a purchase online that the majority of people research a provider before it. And they mostly look at what others have to say. 

That’s why it is extremely important for a small student business to have good responses. It helps to grow, attract new clients, build brand awareness, and get a higher Google ranking for your website. If you want to endorse more people to leave reviews on your business, here are several things you can do.

Set Up Profiles on Major Review Websites

The first thing to do is to figure out where clients can leave their comments and set a business profile there. Every company is different and uses various sites, but the major ones are the same – like Google Local, Yelp, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, Yahoo Local, or TrustPilot. 

Also, look for niche platforms that focus specifically on the type of business you do. For example, NoCramming offers comprehensive essay services reviews. So write my essay service as EssayHub will benefit from their input. Look for something as good for your industry.

Learn About Guidelines

Every platform has its guidelines. Make sure to read and follow them. They might be different, for example, Yelp doesn’t approve of asking customers for reviews while Google doesn’t mind it. 

These guidelines ensure that the reviews are legit and reliable. Mostly it is forbidden to leave a comment on your own business, use spam bots, relatives and friends, or other types of biased comments. Be respectful of these rules.

Ask for It on Delivery

One of the best ways to endorse people to leave a comment is to ask them directly. Those who are not happy with your services will do it anyway. But satisfied clients are less likely to go and write something. 

Ask them nicely to leave their thoughts and suggestions; it can be a face-to-face or online interaction. Do not be too pushy and always wait for the delivery time. Start with making sure that they are satisfied and then propose they leave a response. 

Also, do not pressure anyone into making it exclusively positive, just show that it will help your business and you will appreciate it.

Make the Process Simple

No one has the time and motivation to spend an hour on a comment, even if they are really happy with your services. What is the solution? 

To make this process as easy as possible. For example, you can add links to your website at the bottom, as student blogs do with “share” buttons. 

Another great idea is to add a sentence with a hyperlink to your email signature. It can be something like “Do you have feedback or suggestions? Leave it on our Google page”. This way you do not have to remind about it all the time and clients can easily follow the link.

Provide a Value

As long as it goes along with review website guidelines, you can incentivize the process. It means to offer something in return for the comment to clients.

It can be something like a discount for further services or a giveaway. Just make sure you do not insinuate only positive comments – they still have to be valid. But such simple things can add motivation.

Email Follow-Ups

Another great way to make sure that customers are happy with services is to send follow-up emails after the delivery. For example, you can add a chart and ask how satisfied are they and would they have anything to add? Then, propose to leave a comment on a review site. 

Of course, add a hyperlink to an email. Make sure you keep the track record and do not send the same letters to people more than once after delivery. It might seem like spam.

Reply to All Comments

When people look up a business online, they pay attention to how they respond to comments. No matter how good your product or service is, some of them will not be positive. It is essential to reply to all of them. 

First of all, it shows that you care about the feedback and every client. Secondly, if there is something negative, it is always better to address it, apologize, clarify, or dispute. Remember to stay polite and professional. And if the comment is positive just say “thank you, we appreciate your input”.

Deliver High-Quality Services

It is not a secret, but it is the basis of any good review. Be a good service or product provider, like essay writing service essay help with EssayHub,  so clients have something good to say about you. Always care about valid criticism and learn from your mistakes, after all, your company is just starting. The satisfaction of customers depends directly on what you do and how you do it.

In Summary

To get more positive reviews make sure that you create an easy process and endorse your clients. Tell them about the importance of it for your business. Do not forget to provide links, offer a value in return, and reply to all comments.