How to Revamp Your Company Logo in 2017

How to Revamp Your Company Logo in 2017

The new year is well underway,

but there’s still plenty of time to update your brand image in 2017—starting with a redesigned logo. Creating a cool new logo is a great way to show customers how your brand has evolved in the past year, and how you hope it will continue to grow in the future.

But before you get started, there’s one important little secret you need to know: logo redesigns don’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s almost always better to keep it simple.

Imagine this. Your sofa is getting threadbare, so you throw it out. Then you spend hours in furniture stores looking for a new one that’s comfortable, matches your décor, and is the right size. Or, you could simply reupholster your old sofa. You know you like it and it matches who you are—so why not make it look better and spend less money?

The same holds true for logo redesigns.

You could throw your old logo away and start with something completely new—but that will be time-consuming and expensive. You’ll also run the risk of hurting customers’ brand recognition; seeing a new logo with your brand’s name could confuse them.

On the other hand, restyling your logo lets you keep the best of your brand’s identity—which means you’re staying to true to the things customers already know and love. You’ll just add a cool new twist to showcase how your company has grown into its character.

It can be a little tricky knowing what parts of your old logo to keep and what to get rid of. You’ll need to learn about the types of logo redesigns and why they work. These 7 examples of great logo redesigns will show you the ins and outs of revamping your logo.

You can create an in-house team to carry out these redesign techniques. But since your brand’s identity is at stake, it may be a good idea to get some professional assistance. A professional logo design service will have the expertise you need to create a revamped logo that holds true to your brand identity, like these redesigns for famous companies:

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