How to Improve Business Productivity with Chromebox for Meetings

How to Improve Business Productivity with Chromebox for Meetings

An efficient and productive office is often a happy and successful environment, but it’s not always so easy to achieve. A group of productive employees can enhance relationships amongst teams and clients, resulting in a high level of morale and motivation in the workplace. Achieving this will have a positive impact on your business, through improved customer service and even rolling out better products and services. Surely this is something that every company should aspire to, but how do you accomplish this and maintain it? What tools and technology are required to create a productive environment?
There are a lot of simple changes you can make to your business to increase efficiency amongst the workforce; video conferencing is one such example that can contribute towards improved company performance.

Video Conferencing to Improve Office Productivity

We have probably all had some personal experience with consumer video conferencing at some point, where users complain about poor audio quality or a camera that constantly disconnects. The underlying purpose for video conferencing is one that can bring a number of benefits to your company – but choosing the right business-grade solution is essential.
Companies will often have various offices, or colleagues in remote locations either due to travelling or other work engagements. Using video conferencing to bridge the gap between remote offices and maintain the concept of face-to-face meetings are both elements that can hugely increase productivity.
Video conferencing is a great way to connect to both colleagues and clients, saving time on having to travel to meetings; research carried out by Ovum has revealed that senior executives waste roughly 139 hours every year waiting for late meetings to start.

Google’s Solution to High Quality Video Collaboration

Chromebox for Meetings from Google is a great solution for business quality video conferencing and collaboration. Launched in 2014, it was created on Chrome’s principles of speed, simplicity and security and allows you to connect with around 15 others through its Chromebox, camera and microphone/speaker unit.
With little to no IT work required, the Chromebox will integrate right into your Google Apps for Work and your new conference space can be set up in minutes. It allows you to not only see and speak to your client or colleague face-to-face, but also work on documents together with real time editing through Google Docs. You can also screen-share with others very easily, making visual collaboration seamless and effortless. This is just one example of a video conference solution that could be utilised for your business.

Benefits of Visual Collaboration

When video conferencing goes that step further in allowing colleagues and clients to actively collaborate and work together, it can bring many advantages to your company. Visual collaboration can help in enhancing relationships between teams or with the client as it allows for collaboration on projects.
Likewise, it can speed up decision making through regular conversations using the Chromebox. This all pushes towards a more efficient workforce. 78% of executives say video is an effective tool for business communications, while 87% of young executives believe that video has a positive impact.

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