How To Create A Memorable Resume


How To Create A Memorable ResumeHR professionals can review hundreds of resumes for a job posting. To increase your chances of a successful job search, you’ll need to create a resume which is an important part of the job search process. To create a resume that stands out, you will need to be creative; this doesn’t mean that the resume needs to have lots of colors or extravagant formatting.  Even though that may stand out and may get a laugh or two, it will cause them to toss it aside. 

It would help if you work to create a business resume that stands out that is professional, and showcases your skills and background. Follow the steps below to design a prominent one that will land you the job you are after. Do not forget about the tips that follow. Combine it all and go for it.

  1. Contact Information – At the top of the page, display your full name, phone number, and email address. It is essential to place your email address near the top of your resume due to the shift of business to online platforms. Today more employers are more likely to reach out to you through email versus telephone.
  2. Summary and Objective – Many employers will only skim through your masterpiece, so the first section must be to the point. You need to summarize your skills and what your future objective is.
  3. Work Experience – Next comes your past work experience. Start each line with bold type with the dates, the company, and job title. Then include a summary of what skills you utilized and highlight your top achievements with each company.
  4. Education – Any skills that you have should end your resume. Anything that will help you land the job. If it pops out to you, it will likely pop out to the hiring personnel.
  5. Relevant Skills – Any skills that you have should end your resume. Anything that will help you land the job. If it pops out to you, then it will pop out to the hiring personnel.

Always follow a business format for your resume. If you do not already have a program or application for document writing, many options are available. As you are making your resume remember that you should only put relevant information on it. For example, if you are writing a medical resume confirm that it details your education, professional background, volunteer experience, and healthcare skills.  Read through the job posting carefully and tailor your resume with keywords for the desired role. This step will help you gain a competitive edge among other applications and allow you to stand out easier.

While you are writing, consider the following tips to create a memorable and effective resume:

  • Format – It cannot be stressed enough to have a business format. Once you choose the layout, stick with it. It shows that you are concise and tight with your work.
  • Experience – Fulfill your resume with relevant and relatable experiences. If you have any volunteer work that you are proud of or internships that taught you skills related to the job, this is the section that you will list them. Additionally, it is best practice to highlight quantifiable achievements. Sell yourself with measurable accomplishments as HR professionals are more likely to notice digits when scanning resumes.
  • Understand Prospective Employers – If you adopt the hiring manager’s mindset for the industry that you are applying for, you will be more apt to show the information they want to see.

Remember, it is more about the information and presenting it than how it looks. Of course, you want your resume to be visually uniform, but there is no need to go overboard on the aesthetic designs to help you stand out.