Here’s How You Could Boost Concentration Levels at Work

Here’s How You Could Boost Concentration Levels at Work

If you know that your team are struggling to concentrate at work or if you know that you are just not able to focus at certain points throughout the day then don’t worry- you are not alone. So many people struggle to focus at work every single day, but if you want to do something about this then it is more than possible for you to turn things around.

Switch Off Any Mobile Devices

If you know that your team all have a mobile phone and they are all going off constantly then this won’t be good for anyone. If you have an office phone however then this eliminates the need for you to even have a mobile phone out on the table and this can make all of the difference to the amount of jobs that are done in the day. Of course, as a boss it can be hard for you to tell your team not to go on their phones at all and this is completely understandable, but when you are able to take the time to really explain to them what you are trying to do, you will soon see a drastic improvement.

Change your Outlook

Phones are really the biggest enemy when it comes to concentration, but your email can be bad for your concentration levels as well. Studies have been done and they show that most employees check their email 36 times every hour. If you want to help your team to focus more then you need to try and turn on desktop notifications. When you are able to do this, your team will then get a notification when something comes through and this ultimately means that they won’t have to check their email constantly.

Time Out

The best way to be more productive in the office is to become a master at time management. You­­­ need to spend 25 minutes working, before taking a 5-minute break. You then need to increase the break time to 15 minutes every single time you have a two-hour work cycle. This will help you to stay alert and it will also help your team as well.

The best way to be more productive

Choose Comfortable Furniture

A lot of thought goes into choosing classroom furniture and the main reason for this is because kids find it hard to concentrate for long periods of time. The same concept applies to adults as well, because they are having to spend 8 or 10 hours sitting in the same place, doing the same job, day in and day out. If you want to make everything easier for them then one thing that you can do is apply the same principles a school would when they choose their furniture. You have to make sure that the seats you have are durable, practical and most of all, comfortable for your team to sit in for long periods of time. If you work as a team then try and speak to the head of business to see if something can be done about the chairs and seating you have.

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