Handwritten Thank You Notes – How They Can Work For You

Handwritten Thank You Notes - How They Can Work For You
Handwritten Thank You Notes – How They Can Work For You

In today’s digital world, sending out a personalized handwritten thank-you card is a thoughtful gesture that will make anyone feel special. Even as a busy business owner, taking the time to pick out thank-you cards and sit down with a pen to write a heartfelt personal message can help you stand out from your competitors. When should a business owner send out a thank-you card? Let’s look at five situations where sending a thank-you note is appropriate.

New Clients

If you’re a business owner, such as a real estate professional or someone who owns a yoga studio, and you get a new client, a handwritten thank-you card will show the client how much the you appreciates his or her business. You can thank him or her for trusting in you enough to use your services. Taking the time to write a personal message will help the new client have the confidence that he or she made the right decision in choosing your business.

Long-Term Customers

Keeping long-term clients and customers is far more beneficial to a business than trying to find new ones. Therefore, when you have a customer or client who has been using your services or your business for a marked amount of time, say a five year anniversary, a handwritten thank-you card that says thank you for your business, is a perfect way to show your appreciation for the continued support. Taking the time to send a thank you letter to a customer can add more value to your relationship. Who knows how much prosperity might that bring

Recognition of an Employee

Having an employee who goes above and beyond to help keep your business running smoothly is a very important asset to your company. Show him or her how much you appreciate his or her commitment to the business by sending a handwritten thank-you card and thoughtful employee appreciation gifts. The person receiving the card will feel special and motivated to continue with outstanding work.

Customer Referrals

Many businesses rely on customer referrals to increase sales or business. When a customer or client has enough trust and confidence in your services to refer someone else to you, always send a thank-you card. A handwritten card shows how much you value the support. This simple and heartfelt gesture will encourage him or her to continue sending you referrals in the future.

Service Providers

While you may not often think about the person who takes care of your IT needs or other essential business services, your service provider is invaluable. If they continually take good care of the infrastructure of your business or are there during an emergency situation, a wonderful gesture would be to send them a thank you card. It shows them that what they do for your business does not go unrecognized and they will continue to provide excellent service.

The value of sending a handwritten thank-you card goes far beyond just saying thank you. The impact of receiving the card is often profound for the individual who receives it. Make sure you personalize each one with details of why you are sending the thank-you card so the recipient truly understands the value he or she has contributed. And be sure to enjoy the process of making someone feel special.

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