Four of the Best Software for Niched Industries

Four of the Best Software for Niched Industries

It’s no surprise that the rise of computing, robotics and smart technologies has led to humanity’s ingenious invention of software systems to save manpower and time. Across all industries, algorithmic intelligent computers are picking up the most tedious and time-consuming tasks, leaving humans with the most interesting and complex tasks. This article takes a sweeping overview of four such industries and the technologies that are helping streamline their services, producing a more efficient business model and a more reliable experience for the consumer, customer or client.


Healthcare is such a huge industry, wrapped in so much legacy technology, that progress has been slow in updating tech that can help doctors and nurses go about their job in a more time-efficient way. That’s not to mention the ‘lives at stake’ factor: we’re far off seeing a robot entrusted with serious diagnostics. However, algorithmic software is being developed to help suggest a diagnosis that is dependent on data gathered about each patient. It’s expected that private hospitals will trial these systems first and that websites might provide the software for a nominal price for rough self-diagnostic services.


Here’s one of the industries that’s going to be seeing great leaps in the next decade or two: whether it’s the transport of goods or people, there are high hopes for the ‘internet of things’ approach to logistical transport. Driverless wireless trucks have been trialled in Europe and are likely to rapidly take over our roads given the correct governmental legislation. It’ll mean a huge increased efficiency in delivery time. This is not to mention, of course, the software being written at Amazon and elsewhere to involve drone deliveries in this bright future for logistical software.


The law industry has always been a rigorously intense area in which to train and work, with thousands of pages of text attributed to each legal case. Enter the case management system: an incredibly timely piece of software which achieves a whole lot of time-consuming tasks in one sweeping computerised system, leaving the lawyers and attorneys to concentrate on the human aspects of the case. From predicted costs and time to information sharing and case notes, this software keeps the client entirely in the loop while also protecting the private data from case to case: a huge streamlining effort.


An exciting innovation in the realm of marketing promises new ways in which to target advertisements to the new digital audience. Algorithmic systems are able to analyse the user data of each and every internet user in order to create a profile for them within seconds which will dictate which advertisers will be most relevant to those surfing the web. Companies are then able to bid – digitally, in split seconds, thanks to the software – for marketing opportunities, with the resultant advert that appears winning a fast-paced bidding war to present an advert to a consumer. It’s fast, agile and predictive, and far exceeds pre-digital methods of marketing.

Above are just four ways in which software, algorithms and digital technology are helping companies and industries achieve an edge in the modern era.

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