Five Online Classes to Help You Supplement Your Knowledge

Five Online Classes to Help You Supplement Your Knowledge

What is your career? What are your goals? The modern world is dynamic. It doesn’t matter what your endeavors are. There is always more to learn. There are so many things that humans can do, it’s sometimes difficult to narrow down the path ahead of you. Luckily, with technological resources we can easily determine what is possible and how much effort we want to put in. Below are five online classes to help you that will help you supplement your knowledge and carve a new way forward.

Five Online Classes to Help You Supplement Your Knowledge

Computer Programming

As many dedicated programmers have shown, you don’t have to go to college for computer programming to learn how to do it. There are tons of successful programmers who learned how to code on their own, and now there are classes to facilitate this kind of renegade mentality when it comes to working in computing. Even if you know nothing about computer programming now, you can learn how to do it if you have the interest, work ethic, and dedication. If you pair it with your other skills, you could open the door to more opportunities.


Believe it or not, you can even learn chemistry online. Online chemistry courses can teach you the basics of chemistry and beyond. As time goes on, it becomes clear that so many of us didn’t have great chemistry courses in high school and are lacking this part of science in our everyday lives. If learning more about chemistry would help you at your job—there are tons of jobs where it could apply—then you can take simple, concise, and helpful classes online to help you grasp chemistry and understand chemicals in general.

Martial Arts

Martial arts are another thing that is often taught online. Not everyone who wants to learn martial arts is obsessed with MMA and the UFC. You could have a more specialized interest in jiu jitsu, muay Thai, taekwondo, and others. In addition to the many disciplines, there are tons of benefits to doing a martial art. To meet this demand, plenty of online classes have popped up for people who want to learn with a friend at home instead of in a gym where the pressure is on. They are also more typically martial art video courses that have become popular for all these reasons.

Creative Theory

Another popular form of online classes to help you is the one that focuses on creative theory. A painter, writer, or film maker may be able to give you the technical knowledge about their discipline, but now there is an effort to really teach the creative process. To sit down and explain to someone what kind of mindset they need to be in, what kind of dedication they need to show to truly discover creativity, and how to harness it all. It’s a tough thing to teach, but more and more artists are being asked by a range of platforms to provide their expertise and broadcast to a potentially huge amount of people.


One thing that’s different about music compared to painting, writing, or film making is that you can really guide the student through the steps of where to put your fingers and feet. You can really explain what might happen if you don’t push the string down hard enough on the guitar or you miss a kick drum on the drums. It’s easier to show something with a video because you get sound and a visual element to help you understand. Music classes have popped up online in many ways, you can even do a one-on-one teleconference meeting with them to get that extra attention.

Everyone has different goals and aspirations. They want to learn different things. That’s why this market of online sources has exploded. Even if it’s just a hobby, taking an online course can be both fun and productive. Whether you want to get better at something or start a new career from scratch, taking classes online can help. It’s a way to get you going.

With so many things humans can do and so many ways that machines are doing it better, utilizing technology to learn from each other and create new opportunities for an increasing number of artisans, craftsmen, artists, and experts will only spread knowledge and, hopefully, lead to a more intelligent and better organized world.