5 Educational Online Resources To Learn Software Coding

There are several best online resources to learn how to code. Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has shifted educational pathways for learning computer programming. Notably, many companies have shifted their in-person bootcamps to online elearning platforms. Similarly, more institutions are offering tutorials and online courses. As a student interested in learning how to code from home, you need to know which resources are best. This way, you can get started learning to build applications and work towards your career goals. Read on to discover the best online resources to learn how to code.

Free Open-Source Communities

First, many new software developers are using free open-source communities to computer programming. Notably, many open-source platforms offer thousands of coding challenges, projects, and tutorials. For example, one platform offers machine learning courses with Python. With this learning path, you can learn to use the latest machine learning frameworks to build neural networks and natural language processing software. Plus, you can earn a Python Certification after you complete the course. Importantly, these open-source communities are different from a bootcamp. Indeed, you can take them at your own pace and follow a timeline that suits your needs. Definitely, free open-source communities are a great place to start learning leetcode solutions and other programming skills that you may find yourself using in the future.

Video Demos On Top Tools

Next, you can also watch video demos on top programming tools to get started building applications. Notably, many companies and institutions offer free video tutorials that teach learners how to use integrated development environments (IDEs), coding editors, and other platforms. For example, JFrog offers an online demo that shows how to use container registries to deploy clusters on Helm and Kubernetes. A Helm repository in JFrog’s Artifactory container registry offers privacy, access control, and massively scalable storage for enterprises. Since many major companies use these resources, watching a video demo to understand how they work can set you apart from other job candidates. Absolutely, watching video demos on the top tools is an important step to learn coding.

Coding Blogs

In addition, you can also read coding blogs to get an introduction to programming. Typically, coding blogs offer free programming tutorials and posts. For example, some blog websites offer tutorials on HTML, JavaScript, and Swift programming languages. Additionally, some coding sites publish eBooks and instructional video courses from experts. When looking for a reputable blogging site, you can look for who runs the blog. Ideally, you should look for an experienced programmer, such as a senior developer for a major the company. This way, you can ensure you are getting learning from experts in the industry. Certainly, coding blogs offer valuable information to get started learning how to code.

Online Course Platforms

Moreover, online course platforms are another great way to learn computer programming. Many top platforms offer a free database of massive open online courses (MOOCs). Typically, these are from top accredited universities. In addition, they are usually free for students to take. Often, coding beginners are still figuring out what type of development they are most passionate about. For example, you can specialize in full-stack development, cybersecurity, or machine learning. Since many online course platforms are free, this is a great way to explore which coding topic you like the best. Undoubtedly, online course platforms are one of the best approaches to get started with programming, and the online course on Elektev can help you take the next step forward.

Coding Bootcamp

Furthermore, you can also get started learning to code with a bootcamp program. A coding bootcamp is a short-term intense training program that teaches students practical tech skills to jumpstart their careers. Often, these programs are cheaper than traditional college education pathways. Additionally, many institutions have career support for their graduates. Typically, coding bootcamps are broken up based on the topic you are interested in. For example, some companies offer full-stack web development, data science, and mobile application development training programs. With online support, you can access help from mentors for building, debugging, and reviewing your projects. Participating in these courses, you can become a pro in HTML, Python, or C++. In short, coding bootcamp is one of the best approaches to learn a coding specialization.

There are several best online resources to learn how to code. First, many free open-source communities offer projects, tutorials, and certifications to get started learning software development. Next, you can also watch video demos on top tools such as IDEs, coding editors, and container registries. In addition, coding blogs offer valuable information to learn about specific programming languages and challenges. Moreover, you can use an online course platform to access instructional lectures. Furthermore, coding bootcamps offer great mentor support and career connections as you jumpstart your software development career. Consider these points to learn about the best online resources to learn how to code.