Employee Boost: How to Keep them Productive Without a Raise

Employee Boost: How to Keep them Productive Without a Raise

Measuring workplace productivity is imperative for any corporate space wanting to attract and retain top talent, keep employees satisfied and motivated, and ensure high-quality products, customer service, and maximum profitability.

Regardless of your niche, your employees’ happiness and mind-set is the key to a successful business. As you know, these are the driving force in your organization. If they are motivated and content, they will actively want to achieve better results, meet milestones, and see the corporation flourish. So, how should you keep employees motivated and content?

Keep tabs on the work/life balance 

Yes, a healthy working culture should never be only about work and work. It’s natural for team members to want to leave if work overwhelms every aspect of their lives. 

One key thing to ensure is that each and every member of your team is taking their full lunch break instead of passing through it. You can also consider offering larger-scale prospects, like flexible working hours. For instance, employees with children may like to pick up their children from schools on a Friday afternoon. In that case, they could take those working hours on different days earlier in the week. 

Manage Tasks with a BPM Software

Time management is the key to productivity, and it may be hard to keep track on all tasks involved in your company. Implementing SaaS BPM sofware in your business would help you go spreadsheet-less as you’ll get notifications on all aspects of the working process, and records of delays and problems within your team. With BPM, all your projects are in one dashboard and in real time for maximum accountability and transparency, and you have options to manage outsourced temporary tasks and onboarding of new hires.

Recognize achievements 

It might feel unrewarding to work hard and keep reaching goals without any recognition of these achievements – you should motivate your people with regular rewards and say thank you. It can be anything from giving a pay rise or a monthly bonus or setting up an “employee month” program giving people recognition and a physical or financial reward for winning.  

Say you have a shared platform for your staff, in that case, you could have a “Highlights “page where you can post about individuals’ best customer service where each member mentioned on this page goes into a monetary prize monthly.  

Upgrade the working environment to promote focus 

It does not need confirmation. Where you work is where you spend half of your life, and as a result, this can influence the way you work- your ability to concentrate and your overall ability to be productive. What does that mean? The design of your office is of supreme importance. It isn’t all about Feng Shui – it’s about producing results and getting things done too.

Even studies have shown that the most important factor in determining an employee’s focus lies in their physical environment. Perhaps you’ve often found yourself in need to adjust, stretch and move too often to actually stay focused, then you’re aware of the importance of having a leaning chair and a correctly fitted table. 

In today’s hectic work environment where too many are sitting for most of the day, it’s imperative that your employee desks fit their needs properly. 

Listen to your employees

When your staff feel ignored, they will immediately lose motivation which affects productivity. Setting up open channels of communication will not only ease communication, making each member of the team feeling like you’re interested in their point but will also provide you with a useful way to stay in touch with them. 

Consider asking your staff regularly about important issues, both within smaller groups of employees and companywide. Giving your staff a voice and taking on-board their opinions will access a stream of ideas, questioning and thoughts.