Employee Benefits: Why Enabling Continuing Education Is a Smart Move for Your Company

Employee Benefits: Why Enabling Continuing Education Is a Smart Move for Your Company
Employee Benefits: Why Enabling Continuing Education Is a Smart Move for Your Company

A lot of organizations struggle with employee training. From finding the time to do the training to getting the right resources together, companies find it difficult to put together training programs for their staff. Many will also put off the thought of training due to the amount of time employees will have to have away from their desks in order to learn these new skills.

However, it is the learning of new skills by continuing one’s education that provides companies with one of the biggest benefits. This can help to add to a candidate’s skill set and may enable them to change their career or gain a promotion. But employers also benefit from training their staff as those employees who are looking to improve their skills are a great asset to the company. It creates a win-win situation for both employees and employers.

Benefits of Training for Employers

By training employees, employers are making sure they have a workforce that is highly skilled. This provides staff with renewed creativity and better skills, which will enable them to bring more to the table and to inject new ideas into the business. Equally, with the rapid growth of technology, it’s important that staff are able to deal with these changes and adapt to these in order for the company to progress forward.

If companies aren’t prepared for change, they will fall behind their competitors. Training staff in areas that are changing enables companies to ride the waves of change, moving with the industry rather than behind it. For example, if you were an oven retailer and there were some new powder coating systems like those seen at a company like Reliant Finishing Systems which is specialized in powder coating equipment,training staff up on these manufacturing process will enhance their skills and make sure they’re ready for the changes that are coming.

Giving staff the chance to learn new skills will also help to improve employee retention as employees will be happier on the whole. By investing in their development, companies generally retain their staff due to increased job satisfaction and greater employee morale. This, in turn, will help to increase a company’s profits as employees are more productive and are more likely to be loyal. Employees who are learning are also more likely to bring their newfound knowledge into the workplace, applying it in areas that are relevant.

This loyalty and the investment in education also helps to make sure current employees become the leaders of tomorrow. Retaining staff within a company and investing in their skills helps to keep them within the company, progressing through the various levels to become managers. They are often ideal candidates for these roles as they understand the company and have worked in numerous positions prior to this.

Equally, if a company does want to recruit new candidates, the fact that they have training programs in place will be incredibly appealing to potential employees. Seeing a company that invests time and money into their staff is something many employees are looking for in their packages. One of the benefits that is seen to be highly rewarding for candidates is tuition reimbursement, especially for those who wish to pursue something but are lacking the resources to do this. This may be the deciding factor between an employee accepting and declining a job offer.

Benefits of Training for Employees

By embarking on training programs that companies offer, employees are standing themselves in good stead for higher salaries and promotions. The fact that they’ve enhanced their skills and have taken the time to learn these will look good on their resume and will increase their marketability within the job market.

Learning new skills also helps employees to move within various positions as they gather the knowledge and skills required to do this. However, training doesn’t always have to directly relate to their current position and may instead be a personal interest that they wish to pursue. Some employee can acquire new skills that can benefit the company, such as marketing, by taking a marketing MBA online.  By being given the chance to do this, it allows employees to broaden their horizons and may give them the chance to pursue an area of the business that they might not have thought of before. 

There are undoubtedly a number of benefits to training employees for both staff and employers. Not only are employees given the chance to expand their skills and hone in on personal interests but employers are also more likely to build a loyal workforce by giving them this opportunity. This drives the company forward, builds on its successes and increases its profitability, all the while creating the leaders of tomorrow.

Guest Post by Dominic Shepherd. Dominic Shepherd works as a business analysis. Always eager to enter a new business and see what changes can be made to improve he also enjoys sharing his knowledge online, reaching a wider audience online with his articles.