Employee Benefit Solutions That Can Work Even If Employees Must Work from Home

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Today the world is going through one of the biggest challenges it has faced, with many people now being told to self-isolate. For some people that will mean that they don’t get access to some of the employee benefits that they’re used to at the office. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t benefits available to them.

There are a lot of benefit enrollment companies that you can choose from, but here is a list of the employee benefits you could offer if your employees are working from home.

 Discounted shopping

The easiest and most distributed employee benefits solution is to offer discounts on top online stores. Being able to save money on everyday items, even the weekly grocery shop, is a great way to reward staff. They can see the benefits almost immediately and with them stuck in, they’ll be doing most of their shopping online.

Most discounted shopping works by the employee buying vouchers for a store (say £50) and then getting a higher amount (like £55), these can then be used against any online purchase. It’s easy to implement and quick for employees to save money.

This is a great option for employees who want to work more efficiently at home and therefore need to upgrade their laptops/desktops.


With employees now isolating more for extended periods of time, they’re not going to be able to seek entertainment out of the house. Therefore, they’ll need access to entertainment within the home.

There are several ways of doing this from offering discounted entertainment packages through Google Play Movies, Amazon or another online renting system. Or you could offer gaming vouchers.

Time off

Working from home often improves employee productivity and quality. And this is the perfect opportunity to offer stay-at-home workers the chance to earn some extra time off without affecting the company’s productivity.

You could make the benefit based on output or through the time spent logged in. Whatever option you choose, spending some extra time relaxing at home will probably have additional benefits to the health of employees.


Another great option is to have hampers delivered to your workers who are at home. Hampers often put a smile on the faces of employees as they’re an unexpected surprise and can contain a lot of fun, luxurious goods.

In times when people are being limited on what they can buy, or there are shortages of some products, a hamper could really boost morale.


In the current business environment, many employees are going to be working from home. This could offer surprising benefits for the company with employees more likely to stay with their employer, higher productivity and better quality of work.

However, you still need to think of engaging employees with benefits. There are lots of employee benefits you can offer those who work from home and Zest Benefits have a range of employee benefits solutions that can keep employees smiling and engaged, even when they’re cooped up at home


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