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It is not an easy job to work as a writer because even small issues can result in criticism and rejection. On day to day basis, fresh articles are uploaded on different websites. Some of them receive immense appreciation while others get bombarded with negative comments. There can be various reasons for this. Submitting outdated information is a strong factor. People reject information which that does not have freshness. This is why reputed writers spend more than 80% of the time to research work. It helps in presenting content in a diverse and vibrant way. On the other hand, writers who don’t research enough end up with a redundant content submission. This is because they do not have enough points to complete the word limit. A much bigger problem than delivering outdated information is producing grammatically incorrect content. This is one act which readers and search engines do not forgive.

Three core reasons for submitting grammatically incorrect information

Consider that you are a reader going through an article by your favorite author. After running through the first three lines, you figure out that there are grammatical problems. Even if you are a regular reader of the author, you would start losing interest. Mistakes related to tenses, nouns, verbs and other similar errors is a strong proofreading issue. This hampers the reputation of the writer and he starts losing followers. There are several reasons due to which grammatically incorrect content is delivered.

Let us have a glance at three common ones

Insufficient knowledge of grammar

Lack of grammar knowledge can be a big problem. For instance, if you do not know that a sentence ends with a period, this error would not be recognized. A lot of writers do not have enough knowledge of grammatical principles due to which several mistakes are overlooked. Eventually, the submitted content has countless mistakes.

Leaving grammar checks for the last moment

One fact should be accepted that grammatical errors are made while writing. This does not depend on how experienced the writer is. Even professionals with decades of experience make grammar related mistakes. Checking the content as you write it is better than leaving everything for the last moment. At that time, writers are worried about the deadline so it becomes hard for them to proofread properly. Hence, a lot of content sections are unintentionally skipped or ignored. The end result is that readers have to go through grammatically incorrect material.

Deadlines are easily skipped

The submission date is like a fire alarm for writers.  If you are writing an essay paper, submitting it on time will be helpful for scoring well. Similarly, for a blog writer, timely publishing of the post would attract more traffic. When writers are apprehensive about meeting timelines, they do not pay enough attention to rectification of grammatical errors. Some of them simply give a brief overview of the content due to which a lot of mistakes go undetected.  This is not intelligent thinking as checking the content is immensely important. A blog, article or web page content is not worth anything if there is a lack of proofreading. It simply loses the level of credibility.

Why do you need to take the grammar checking pressure?

Time is a very valuable factor and becomes even more important when articles or academic papers have to be delivered. It is good to squeeze the time frame wherever the possibility exists. A large chunk of time is spent on proofreading and correcting grammatical mistakes. This is an added task if tight deadlines have to be met. A much easier alternative is present in the form of grammar checking tools. Why should you consider this option over standard proofreading?

Get rid of unwanted proofreading tension

Proofreading content is something that requires complete attention and impeccable grammar knowledge. If you have both these skills, a large time slot still has to be kept vacant for this purpose. It is not simple for writers to manage research work and end to end grammar checking together. On the other hand, using a grammar checker is definitely a smart strategy. The writer does not have to think about correct verbs, adjusting tenses or making other changes as the tool does it. Hence, writing professionals can apply all the concentration and focus on preparing high standard content.

Free Grammar Checkers which diminish workload

If I am using a reliable tool, is it paid? This question resides in the mind of every user who plans to use. It is not necessary that you would be charged heavy sums of money for using punctuation checker tool. Grammar checkers are mostly free. Grammar checker by Prepostseo (a website that offers 200+ free tools) is totally free grammar checker tool available for online use. It is not humanly possible to try each tool so opting for a reputed one is much easier.

  • Grammar checking tools help in saving time. If one hour is required to proofread a blog, this online application would do it in less than 2 minutes. Hence, a lot of difference is created when writers use it. To understand this aspect in a better way, we can consider the example of a thesis paper. It is a tough academic submission that requires detailed research work along with original content. Along with that, these papers usually have strict tight deadlines. If students do not have to spend any time on proofreading, it becomes quite possible to meet timelines.

Summing It Up

If an article or blog has grammatical issues, the readability level decreases. This means that people would find it less interesting as a continuous flow would be missing. Using an online tool prevents the embarrassment that writers face after submitting erroneous content. It is very simple to use these tools so being technically sound is not needed. You have to test the content by uploading it. Quality grammar checkers immediately read through the uploaded written material without wasting time. Writers who have to meet short deadlines use them to identify and rectify grammatical mistakes on urgent basis.


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