Digital Transformation and Social Media Trends

Digital transformation and special Social media tools are a continuous evolving ecosystem of tech innovation and users interaction, social adoption and special scalability. The emergence of the internet and special the last 10 years saw digital transformation digitise all our society and social media has emerged as the biggest set of platforms, replace social interaction offline and even the way we behave and react of our days and also create some of the biggest issues for our society.

Some of the major digital social media trends of our time are about the following seven areas:

1. Rise of social media messaging private groups and accounts;
2. Conversational social real time commerce;
3. The rise of the Transparency questions mitigated by the epydemy of the fake news;
4. No New mainstream social media networks question of the leading ones;
5. The socia media Stories moments become the norm;
6. Employees and online that meet offline friends are the trusted influencers;
7. Real time Analytics dashboards become increasing more important.

Charlene Li (Altimeter Group) presentation on social media trends highlighted the Adaptive strategy and resilience are underlying due to social media. To be really successful the organizational structure, culture needs to be in place to be optimally effective.

From converged media and real resilience and adaptiveness we moved to new paths of real time convergence and advanced towards messaging real time platforms, chat groups, media real time platforms and story moments. These areas and activities have affected all our personal ways of behaving and affected business strategies worldwide that eventually directs and informs social media deployments and every path of our lives.

Charlene Li has defined Converged Media as: Content Marketing + Native Advertising + Real Time Marketing


The bellow infographic defines 11 success criteria of converged media as defined by Charlene Li:


This slide highlights the starting point: the will and ability to (re)organize digital strategies and marketing for agility and resilience. Digital transformation and social media implies a full effort by organisations and if that’s not in the DNA, it’s really hard to execute properly social media.



The digital transformation that is lead partly by the emergency of social media is not going to stop as we become increasing digital and social media activities and maken us addicts. Businesses need however to lead this and understand the paremters of the trends. The challenges is how we can and should manage these challenges and how to use digital tranbsformation, social media tools in a way that they can improve our lives and not we are being managed by it. The trends evolve but our way of looking at it will be our statement for personal and professional behavious.