Digital Marketing 2022: Popularity and Trends

Businesses are all about creativity and innovation. This is what keeps them connected with their consumers. Marketing is one obvious way through which companies exhibit their uniqueness. Previously advertisements and billboards were the primary media to captivate consumers, but with recent trends and the introduction of technology, other forms of communication are now getting entertained. As a result, digital marketing became the new medium to bring brands closer to their customers.

Digital Marketing 2022: Popularity and Trends

Digital marketing is a type of strategy which promotes a company over various channels. These include emails, videos, social media, and web-based advertising. In 2021, over 90% of American companies with more than 100 employees will turn to social media for marketing. This statistic will only grow as technology expands and new methods enter the picture. So why is digital marketing gaining immense momentum? Read on to find out more:

Why Does Digital Marketing Stand Out?

Digital marketing allowed companies to offer their services over multiple platforms. Additionally, there is also no limit to the type of content that can go online. Videos, images, blogs, and Infographics are all welcome online. The pandemic also had a significant role in catalyzing the success of digital marketing.

When companies had no choice but to turn online to reach out to their consumers, they generated an influx of profit. More than 70% of American consumers tuned into these online advertisements in 2020. Whether you’re a small business owner or enjoy studying digital trends, you should get behind digital marketing.

This sector holds immense profit, growth, and demand for content and can help you kick start your career. So if you’re excited to be part of this revolutionary technology, consider educating yourself first. By getting a digital marketing masters degree online, you learn the ins and outs of a lucrative campaign and pick up on strategies that will make you an expert marketer.

Trends Dominating The Market

Trends are the latest technological method to advertise a brand. Digital platforms work based on trends. If consumers like what they see and how it got demonstrated, it takes off. For instance, a short DIY video, a personalized story, or crafting content such as a Mother’s Day particular campaign are all trends. To help you see what the future holds, here are some tech-savvy digital marketing strategies you should know:

1)      Keep An Eye Out For TikTok

TikTok is more than a platform for popular dance moves or young influencers to post content related to lifestyle. It has also become a hub for many businesses to post their products and exhibit them to a large audience. With over 1 billion users subscribed to the application and revenue exceeding $100 million, TikTok makes for a great digital marketing stage.

Instead of choosing conventional methods, Gucci has launched a series of short films over TikTok to take consumers behind the scenes of how their garments get made. Through catchy transitions over captivating music, viewers can watch celebrity models pose with these items for 15 seconds to a minute.

2)      Algorithm Is The Baseline

Algorithms allow companies to send personalized content to their consumers. Big data uses predictive analytics and historical data to push content that a consumer may find interesting. An algorithm gets generated by creating a pattern on customers’ likes, purchases, views, and searches. So sponsored content, advertisements, and Google search results autocomplete come from these findings.

For example, over 30% of purchases made on Amazon occur because of recommendations. If customers log in to their Amazon account while browsing through products, they simultaneously get suggestions to check out another product.

3)      Use The Metaverse

Metaverse refers to a virtual space that exists through augmented reality. In this digital space, a collection of virtual entities such as 3D avatars, holograms, and videos exist. So when a consumer is in the Metaverse, they can carry out a range of activities such as work, play, and even socialize.

Facebook is not the only company invested in the Metaverse. Roblox, Disney, Hyundai, and Nike are all big shot names eager to start encompassing the Metaverse. This virtual space will redefine user experience and introduce a new concept of advertising and even purchasing. With over $13 billion, this is a promising innovation.

4)      Create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Blockchain technology has taken the 21st century by storm. One of the most exciting inventions from this superior concept is NFTs. Like the Metaverse, this digital asset is the next big hit for consumers. An NFT is any product that cannot be exchanged for something and is exclusively yours. For example, your family’s heirloom is unique, cannot be duplicated, and even if you sell it, the money may be less than its actual value, therefore priceless.

These can be anything from animations, graphics designs, audio files, and memes that are unique and exist on the blockchain. Companies like Campbell, Charmin, and Coca-Cola have already created NFT collectibles that showcase their brand and are also greatly entertained by consumers. This allows customers who purchased NFTs to build a community and get exclusive rights over more unique products that these companies will bring forth.

5)      Turn To YouTube Advertisements

YouTube is an online video sharing and social media platform. Previously having a channel on YouTube was about sharing and posting videos. However, recently this platform has also invested heavily into advertisements which have brought a revenue hitting over $28 billion. Whether you’re a YouTuber yourself, a small business owner, or you’re a spokesperson for a university.

Your advertisement can be a part of any video. These advertisements are not readily shippable, which means consumers have to interact with them for five seconds.

Engaging with consumers has changed drastically. Newspaper ads, billboards, and running TV advertisements got replaced by digital marketing. This type of marketing is robust, easy, and highly multifaceted. Companies do not have to limit themselves to one platform or medium. In 2022, specific trends have hit new heights in popularity, such as publicizing on TikTok, personalized ads and products through the algorithm, and even interacting with customers through virtual spaces like the Metaverse. The fun doesn’t end there. In an age where digital assets are rising, collectibles such as NFTs have become a new consumer favorite. Social media channels like YouTube are also a part of the digital marketing game by allowing advertisements to get streamed with videos.