Customer Engagement Challenges & Their Solutions

customer engagementThere has certainly been a drastic change in the digital landscape in the recent years. Marketing doesn’t have the same definition. Methods to reach customers are no longer the same. Mailers, billboards, pamphlets, and sales cold calls are now perhaps history. 

So how exactly do brands reach their customers and ensure they are interested in doing business with them? The answer is simple. Digital. 

With every aspect of a brand transitioning from traditional to online, customer engagement strategies were surely not going to be left behind. 

And this can be tricky for every business. But when it is done right, you can bring customers that will be loyal for a long time. 

One thing that you should definitely be certain of is that your sales team is putting in all their efforts to make the experience remarkable for your prospects. It is them who are representing your brand. They are your voices and faces. To ensure that your sales team is trained enough, consider opting for various tools like timesheet management software that will help them stay productive and focused. 

But there are still plenty of obstacles that well-trained team might get stuck on. 

Here is a list that has a few common customer engagement problems that businesses face and how you can overcome them. 

Lack of time and resources

Two common things that every business and brand requires in order to create and execute an effective customer engagement strategy are time and resources. Where there is a lack of these elements, you will never be able to bring your plan to fruition.

Irrespective of the size of the business, a majority of them always have a shortage of internal bandwidth or reserves to execute a plan, let alone strategize, create, and monitor it. 

Consequently, many struggle to keep customers and find them replaying their actions for the cold audience. At the end, it’s all about poorly timed, sub-par creatives with mundane messages. 

So, how do you get over it? Every top brand know that it is impossible to handle each and every task. Thus, they hire a partner who is has credibility in the industry, and they suggest others do the same. 

Disconnected data systems

We are now not new to the terms like automation or integration. There are now digital platform in abundance that can accommodate a vast array of needs and data at one spot. 

Yet, there are many businesses that are struggling to integrate their systems and streamline their processes. This is because either they are still using outdated systems or they are using software that need outside help to integrate data. This can lead to a terrible increase in the error rates and a corresponding decrease in success rates. 

To tackle this issue, you should make sure all your digital platforms are user-friendly systems that makes it seamless to integrate with other platforms. Or the easiest way is to bring in a third party expert that will create a proper integrated system structure and help you meet your customer engagement needs. 

Reduced brand loyalty

Brand Loyalty. The two terms that can make any business skip a heartbeat. Why? Because it is, unfortunately, hardly to be seen today. 

Gone are the days when the prerequisite to develop brand loyalty were the amazing product and outstanding customer service. Now, it is the millennials and Gen Z that can be seen in abundance and it is important to modify the strategies as per their needs and preferences. 

While it sounds simple, it is still a bit complicated to adapt. Many businesses overlooked the need to adapt to newer strategies and are now facing diminished loyalty. 

The leading experts have one advice for you to tackle this – opt got outsourcing client engagement and execution. When you have experienced and well-versed marketing partners, it’ll become a lot easier for you to maintain brand loyalty. 


It is true that like every transition, customer engagement strategies also has its fair share of challenges. But you’ll always find your solutions to tackle them.