Custom .NET Development and the Future of Startup Businesses

Custom .NET Development and the Future of Startup Businesses
Custom .NET Development and the Future of Startup Businesses

In this world of advancing technology, startups are a major contributor in coming up with revolutionary and innovative ideas for each industry. As its name suggests, startups are always doing something new to help benefit society.

Besides this, the concept of consecutive growth and business is a different story. Initially, it was difficult for startups to get funding for their business amongst the mass amount of clients and protecting their reputation over time.

This reason is easy because they have to face challenges such as funds, stiff competition from other businesses, etc. that hinder them from participating in the startup ecosystem.

With these hurdles in mind, Microsoft has recently announced an initiative called the Microsoft for Startups. Alternatively, its called the Bizspark program which is a $500 million investment by Redmond and other large investors. It’s aiming to become an opportunity where startups benefit from marketing and developing business software products.

For startups facing the frustration of lack of funds for platforms and licenses, the Microsoft for Startups and the ASP.Net is a great way to start. And in this guide, we’ll show you why custom .net development is a great choice for upcoming developers.

Why Use ASP.NET?

ASP.NET  has been a popular choice among professional developers. Not only is it backed by Microsoft’s strong development team, but it continues to make consistent updates, so it can work effectively. Here are some reasons why developers choose this language:

Easy Interoperability

In March 2017, Microsoft announced that the two editions of Windows 10 IoT. These editions were used to help developers make applications for IoT devices and simplify the process. As a result, business owners have used this system to help grow their business.

Interoperability is more secure and is easier to implement. For instance, the open sourced Azure IoT suite, provides the most flexibility while giving better development speed while along with its other advanced features.

Hence, ASP.NET has proven to be a great platform for startups if they plan to use this technology fully.

Increased Safety

When data attacks and cybersecurity are on everyone’s mind, .net development continues to be a reliable framework due to its high-end security features.

Also, ASP.NET’s MVC architecture uses a SoC approach, making it easier to integrate safely with existing applications and can integrate it securely with current applications in your business.

Versatility and diversity are two main aspects of ASP.NET that continues to make it attractive for companies.

With some high performing frameworks such as MVC, Web API, and ASP.NET used with database systems such as Azure Document DB and SQL server, .NET is a great package for multiple industries like education (e-learning portals), finance (i.e., mortgage solutions) and transportation (such as real-time transport updates).


It doesn’t matter if you’re just learning, or you’re a professional developer, .net development is here to stay. Not only does it have enhanced security features, but it’s able to be used in almost any coding environment. If you’re serious about growing your startup business, ASP.NET is a great way to get your coding team off the ground.

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