How to Create a Winning Video Marketing Strategy in 2018

How to Create a Winning Video Marketing Strategy in 2018

It seems as if one of the most important digital marketing strategies in 2018 is video marketing, and although content marketing is still the reigning champion, this could change. Content could slip into second place, with video becoming number one. However, even with video marketing becoming the latest buzzword for businesses, many people don’t understand how to use video to its full potential. Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, your business’s website, or even dipping your toe in Instagram’s new feature IGTV, you can’t build a video marketing strategy on an incomplete foundation.

What Makes a Good Video Marketing Strategy?

Step 1: Understand the purpose of your video marketing strategy.

All strategies will fail if you say the sole purpose for it is to “sell more” of your product or service. Although this may be the ultimate goal, you need another goal, such as to entertain, to educate or even to inspire. Nowadays, people are less likely to watch your video if it feels like a sales pitch.

Step 2: Determine your target audience, and how to speak to them.

Know who your audience is, what form of media they’re usually found on, and then create video content that is more likely to reach and entertain them. For example, if you’re a clothing brand for twenty-something-year-old women who are on Instagram, then focus your effort there.

Step 3: Figure out your topic and formatting.

What is the message you want to put across? Do you have a new product that is made solely to counter problem? Or is your product more seasonal? For example, if it’s festival season and you’re selling clothes with this in mind, you could do a “how-to” on dressing for a music festival, as well as beauty and hair hacks. Or, if you’ve created a smartphone that has an incredible battery life, is this the selling point you’re going to focus on?

When it comes to formatting and getting your topic across, this is the most difficult. You need it to coincide with your overall brand. If you’re a flamboyant brand with a lot of color and pizazz, then you’ll want this to reflect in your video. Of course, to ensure your vision is brought to life in the way you’d imagined, hiring the services of a creative agency who specializes in film and content production for various platforms can ensure you get an A-grade video that’ll stand out while remaining true to your brand persona.

Step 4: Create a story.

The beauty of video, whether it be on the TV or over social media, is that your videos can tell a part of a story. Think of the Old Spice Guy campaign, where people were looking forward to the next segment because it was a) comical but also b) fluid. You want your video marketing campaign to be memorable.

Step 5: Promote your video content.

It’s one thing making your video, but at the end of the day, you need to kick your video out of the nest and hope it flies. However, if you don’t promote your video strategically, your video will fail to succeed. You could, for example, partner with a relevant company and have them publish your video or link to it through relevancy, or even ask bloggers to do the same if you’re working with a smaller budget.

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