How To Create An Eco-Friendly Office 

How To Create An Eco-Friendly Office 
How To Create An Eco-Friendly Office

With climate change high on the news agenda, and reports showing that there has been a 53% reduction in single use plastic in the last year*, we are more mindful of our energy consumption and contribution to the carbon footprint than ever before. But what steps are UK businesses taking to become more eco-friendly?

Whether you are already making steps to become a zero waste office, or are a startup that wants to play its part in reducing emissions, the UK’s biggest independent tech retailer Ebuyer has five top tips on simple changes every office can introduce to create a greener office.

Be mindful of paper use

Excessive paper use is something that most offices will be guilty of, but is one of the quickest changes to implement. It is becoming more common for offices to implement a zero printing policy to keep the paper waste down, but asking employees to be mindful of what they are printing and reserving it for important documents only should see a drastic reduction in the amount of paper used each week.

Another easy way to reduce paper consumption is by ensuring employees are not printing personal documents in the workplace – recent research conducted by Ebuyer found that over three-quarters (77%) of office workers regularly print personal documents while at work, with an average of thirteen pages being printed per person, per month – a substantial amount of paper use that can easily be avoided.

Update the recycling options

Recycling isn’t just for the home, and offices should be set up to let workers easily recycle – whether that be plastic bottles from a lunchtime meal deal, to completed documents that are ready to be shredded. Setting up seperate bins in communal places such as kitchens and near printers will encourage employees to think about what they are throwing away. For workplaces where workers can make their own lunch, providing employees with cutlery, plates and mugs will help reduce the amount of single use plastic that needs to be thrown away each week.

Update your technology

Technology is a necessity for many businesses, but simple changes to technology and habits can reduce your carbon footprint. New computers and monitors are more energy efficient than machines that are a few years old, so ensure you are monitoring this and replacing where necessary. If your technology is being updated, many businesses now offer the option to safely recycle your old appliances in line with the WEEE regulations.

Standby mode is one of the most wasteful uses of energy, so make sure that when they are not in use, machines are shut down completely and multi-plug adapters are switched off by the mains. Not only will this ensure power use around the office is minimal, but it will save you money on your energy costs in the long run.

Make the most of the environment

If your office or work space allows it, making the most of the environment can not only help reduce energy emissions, but can create a better working environment. Ensure artificial lighting is turned off in meeting rooms and spaces with plenty of natural light, and encourage employees to open windows to manage the room temperature, rather than relying on the air conditioning. Consider solar shading too, this can reduce the need for air conditioning by maintaining a more comfortable office temperature through reduction in solar heating. Even better, you may want to take full advantage of solar energy by leasing or buying solar panels.

Go green with office supplies

From 100% recycled paper to eco-friendly cleaning products, making smart choices when it comes to your office supplies can make a huge difference to the environmental impact of your office. The majority of common stationery, from Post-it Notes to mouse mats, now have a sustainable option, so spending some time choosing the best option for you will pay off in the long run – both environmentally and financially. is the UK’s largest independent tech retailer. With thousands of products ranging from computing and entertainment to smart home and office supplies, Ebuyer is the perfect one-stop shop for gamers, home users, business owners and large public sectors.The company sits in the Top 100 of the IRUK (Internet Retailing) Top500 annual report and holds a HotUKDeals award for being the retailer with the best computing deals. As well as amazing online service, Ebuyer also has a dedicated sales and solutions team on hand to offer additional customer support. Its office HQ and warehouse is in Howden, East Yorkshire.

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