Cloud Computing Corporate Trend: Actionable Analytics

Gartner defines each year strategic technologies, being technologies that have the potential of significant impact on an organization. For 2013, actionable analytics has also been pinpointed as a strategic technology. Last month Gartner’s research pointed out that Mobile, Social and Big data is driving actionable analytics.

This kind of analytics is a significant cloud trend, because, as Gartner predicts, it will help corporate entities presage what is going to happen to them.

Business intelligence (BI) and analytics continues to be a top CIO investment priority, and yet user surveys by Gartner, Inc. show that only 30 percent of potential users in an organization adopt CIO-sponsored analytics tools. This appears to be changing as organizations invest in making analytics “invisible,” and more consumable and accessible, to the nontraditional analytics user.

Research vice president analyst at Gartner, Rita Sallam said:

“A large enterprise makes millions of decisions every day. The challenge is that companies have far more data than people have time, and the amount of data that is generated every minute keeps increasing. In the face of accelerating business processes and a myriad of distractions, real-time operational intelligence systems are moving from ‘nice to have’ to ‘must have for survival.’ The more pervasively analytics can be deployed to business users, customers and consumers, the greater the impact will be in real time on business activities, competitiveness, innovation and productivity.”

Three triggers to motivate business leaders to adopt more actionable analytics are:

  • Increasing competition,
  • Cost and
  • Regulatory pressures

There are several influences that one can explore regarding actionable analytics on cloud computing and their role in tomorrow’s company, according to CloudTweaks:

It is essential to say that big data is changing at an extremely fast pace. They no longer have to concentrate on a single, simple undertaking per time. Rather, staff can zoom into all that makes sense in the chaotic data center of their company’s archives to try to fetch something practical out of the mishmash. This is where the cloud trend of analytics comes in.


If actionable analytics in the cloud sounds puzzling, then corporations will need to go back to where it all started: the search engine. The only problem is that the search analytics are not for specific organizations, but they govern a platform that operates like the cloud.


There are many ways in which companies are using big data to help actionable analytics earn them consumers and returns. One of these is automating infrastructure in order to filter trends out of the consumer’s activities and feedback. In fact, the original duty of a marketer is to turn a customer into a lead who can return. Budget-worthy analytics are helping in this goal.

Actionable social analytics

According to Awareness Inc, actionable social analtyics is an evolving business discipline that aggregates and analyzes online conversations and social activity generated by brands across social channels. Social analytics enables organizations to act on the derived intelligence for business results, improving brand awareness and many other purposes.

Source: via Damarque on Pinterest


I think Actionable Social Analytics is a good translation of the mobile, social, big data trends, aggregating it in one discipline, which is a subset of overall actionable insights or business intelligence. The challenges will be to integrate all kinds of different data into one of few dashboards and derive action from it. From structured to unstructured data, from real-time to static data and what more.

What do you think about actionable (social) insights?