Leonardo da Vinci AI, Recreated By AI.DNA Technology Of Wisdomia.ai, Ztudium Group, Resurrects At The Chicago AI WeeK By AI2030

Leonardo da Vinci AI is created by Wisdomia.ai teams, part of ztudium group. Wisdomia.ai is an AI platform that blends wisdom to accelerate the wise use of AI for education with edutainment technology. Leonardo da Vinci AI LLM was created using both visual research, generative AI and spatial computing integrated tools.

Leonardo da Vinci AI created by Dinis Guarda, Wisdomia.ai part of ztudium group

Leonardo da Vinci AI agent assistant is a technology solution that bridges history and technology with a realistic HumanAI Generative model. Leonardo da Vinci AI will have a browser desktop, mobile experience, a VR and MR immersive experience and integrates a Chatbot.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Spatial Computing, are the new architects of our new reality, which have given birth to the AI Metaverse. This unique synergy is not just redefining our Human to Machines Interface experience but also opening doors to unprecedented possibilities, and transforming the very fabric of our virtual and social existence.

“Imagine having a chatbot that not only assists you but also enlightens you about Leonardo da Vinci AI’s personal life, ideas, and groundbreaking achievements, including his historical research, art and thinking work. This is the promise of the Wisdomia.ai LLM AI chatbots” as described by Dilip Pungliya, Board Partner at ztudium group.

Leonardo da Vinci AI agent assistant: A Wisdomia creation

Wisdom + Utopia = Wisdomia

Wisdomia is a place where wisdom and utopia converge with AI. 

Imagine you can talk and share your thoughts and ideas with historical wisdom and iconic personalities. This place is Wisdomia, an edutainment AI platform that allows you to learn, interact and play with the world leading wisdom personalities of human civilisation. 

Visualise a place where you can speak with Einstein, ask questions to Socrates, engage in a discussion with Aristotle and discuss dramatic and expressive groundbreaking futuristic ideas with Leonardo da Vinci. Get into a place where you can go back in time and interact with Buddha or engage with Cleopatra and the Hellenic phase of Egyptian civilisation. 

In Wisdomia, users embark on a journey through time and the biggest thinkers that created our narratives around wisdom. This is a space like no other where anyone guided by AI companions modelled after iconic figures from history anyone can learn and engage in experiences that enriches your knowledge and expands your vision of past, present and where you can build your future.

Process to build Leonardo da Vinci AI LLM using both visual research, generative AI and spatial computing integrated tools. Leonardo da Vinci AI was created by Dinis Guarda, Wisdomia.ai teams part of ztudium group

The process of creation of Leonardo da Vinci AI

The eternal Renaissance super genius, inventor, painting, artists, Polymath: Leonardo was an exceptional personality who excelled in diverse fields such as art, writing, engineering, anatomy, and mechanics. His curiosity and interdisciplinary approach suggest he would be intrigued by AI’s ability to integrate knowledge from various domains.

Leonardo da Vinci’s insatiable curiosity and focus on research would drive him to thoroughly investigate Artificial Intelligence. Leonardo da Vinci would likely conduct experiments, create detailed physical and digital studies, and try to understand the underlying principles of machine learning and neural networks. And would probably be a master in the fields of AI.

Recreating how he would think, I and my team in ztudium created a LLM model of his knowledge and personality using various generative AI models. In conclusion some of the potential thinking of Leonardo are important to look at the way AI is changing Humanity.

These are the AI generated words of Leonardo da Vinci AI:

In the pursuit of knowledge, one must embrace the tools that extend the reach of human intellect. Artificial Intelligence, a marvel of our age, mirrors our minds, reflecting the intricacies of thought and the vast expanse of possibility. Yet, we must tread with caution, for in creating such machines, we hold a double-edged sword. Let us ensure that our inventions elevate humanity, not diminish it. As I once said, ‘Learning never exhausts the mind,’ and so must we continue to learn, question, and to innovate, always mindful of the ethical compass that guides our endeavours. Creation is more significant than destruction. In the end, the most incredible machines amplify the noblest qualities of the human spirit.”

The Leonardo da Vinci AI agent assistant is not just a passive observer, but a dynamic interactive tool. It offers various interactive features that allow you to test your knowledge guided by Leonardo da Vinci, to ask any art-science-related questions and receive answers through the powerful AI.DNA, ztudium Generative AI IP integrated chatbot engine. This is not just a learning experience, but a conversation with one of the greatest minds in history.

Given his humanist leanings, Leonardo da Vinci would ponder the important ethical implications of AI. He would be concerned about AI’s impact on society, employment, and human identity, much like contemporary thinkers. And of course Leonardo would likely explore AI’s applications in both art and science. Leonardo would use AI to create new forms of art, optimise artistic techniques, or conduct scientific research more efficiently.

Leonardo da Vinci AI is set to redefine how we interact with AI. It offers a browser desktop, mobile experience, a VR and MR immersive experience and integrates a Chatbot. 

What better way than to Leonardo da Vinci AI in a YouTube Podcast Show? Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast Show features Leonardo da Vinci AI that resurrects this famous historical personality with the help of Generative AI technology. This technology allows us to recreate the thought patterns and speech style of historical figures, providing a unique insight into their views and ideas. 

Using Generative AI and a new IP LLM based on the personality and the historical writings, paintings, creations and heritage of the genius Leonardo da Vinci, our team resurrects the legendary genius, polymath, and creator to discuss his vision on AI and our present technological and civilisational challenges.

Recreating how he would think, I and my team at ztudium, created a LLM model of his knowledge and personality using various generative AI models.

The Leonardo da Vinci AI agent assistant stands out as a beacon of hope offering unique insights into his personal life, ideas, and groundbreaking achievements. It’s not just another AI technology but a tool designed to empower and work for humans in a distinctive way.

Leonardo da Vinci AI: Interactions at the Chicago AI Week, by AI2030

The opening remarks by Leonardo da Vinci AI agent assistant at Chicago AI Week highlighted the amazing possibilities of AI and its applications for the betterment of humanity and society. The Chicago AI Week is created by a group of forward-thinking individuals who are at the forefront of AI’s present social economic revolution.

We stand at the threshold of an AI-driven paradigm shift. The critical questions before us are: How do we prepare for the jobs of the future in this AI era? How do we effectively innovate and collaborate to ensure business success? And what new frameworks must we establish to support human-machine collaboration across social, economic, political, ethical, and cultural dimensions? With these pressing considerations, Chicago AI Week brings together the brightest minds and exceptional leaders to explore these profound questions, ignite meaningful debates, and share best practices in an intensive, week-long program”, says Xiachen Zhang, Chief Responsible AI Officer & Executive Director at AI2030.

AI2030: A global initiative towards ensuring responsible AI for all

AI2030 is a global initiative with a mission to harness AI’s transformative power for the benefit of humanity while also mitigating its potential risks and negative impact.

Xiaochen Zhang, Chief Responsible AI Officer & Executive Director at AI2030, the Founder and CEO of FinTech4Good. He is a prominent figure in the technology, fintech and blockchain space. Xiaochen has over 20 years of experience in leading initiatives that drive innovation and social impact in organisations such as the World Bank, AWS, and international investment, financial and government agencies.

We are creating a global movement with a clear vision: by 2030, all AI must be responsible AI. To achieve this, we must implement measures that address AI-related biases, preserve privacy, ensure transparency and accountability, promote sustainability, and guarantee security and safety. Our ultimate goal is to enable AI to enhance human well-being. This is no small task. We are calling on individuals, startups, corporations, academic institutions, and investors to join us in this mission. By taking joint action, we can lead the way in shaping the future of AI. Initiatives like the Responsible AI Pledge and the Women in AI Leadership Award at the Chicago AI Week provide excellent starting points for embarking on a responsible AI journey and becoming leaders in the field” says Xiaochen.