The Future of Blockchain, AI, Innovation Interview Alexander Shelkovnikov Deloitte

Tech Internet Blockchain AI DNA Interview with Alexander Shelkovnikov from IntelligentHQ on Vimeo.

Alex Shelkovnikov is a leading thought leader and practitioner in technology and innovation, who is responsible for Deloitte’s corporate venturing and blockchain activities in the UK. His areas of interest include blockchain, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, artificial intelligence, mobile / smart devices, enterprise / SaaS, digital technology, startup innovation, digital payments.

Alexander Shelkovnikov co-founded the Deloitte Blockchain Lab and is part of the leadership team within Deloitte’s global crypto community.

Prior to that, he worked in strategy consulting at Monitor Deloitte where he advised some of the largest companies in technology, media, telecoms and digital payments across the globe as well as start-ups, focusing on helping them launch digital businesses, development of digital propositions, growth, commercial strategy and M&A.

He is one of the founding members of Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine (BFU). In Deloitte he delivered a number of landmark engagements, helping companies across TMT (technology, media, telecoms), Financial Services (payments, fin-tech), Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail at the board, and executive and key senior leadership levels, to gain strategic advantage, achieve operational improvements, develop partnerships, complete M&A transactions.

Alexander Shelkovnikov holds a PhD in Electronic Engineering taken at the University of Westminster, where he was part of the Wireless Communications Research Group from October 2002 to July 2006. His research led to the development of novel RF front-end for next generation broadband wireless communication systems (WiMAX, Digital Radio, LMDS).

Since January 2016 Alexander has been leading Deloitte Smart Identity project.

Alex Shelkovnikov

This is a solution that will allow users to create a universal digital identity powered by blockchain technology. The Smart Identity solution allows users to create and control all aspects of their digital identity within a highly structured and accessible environment. Smart Identity functions as a digital account containing the information and credentials needed for trusted digital interaction.

Alexander has recently co-authored a report: Blockchain. Enigma. Paradox. Opportunity. It explored new and emerging opportunities for organisations in all sectors to use blockchain technology to create and deliver compelling services to their customers.

Questions in the video Interview with Alexander Shelkovnikov Corporate Venturing & Blockchain Lead

  • Can you tell us about you, your education and your personal and professional background?
  • You did a PhD Research at the Wireless Communications Research Group, University of Westminster. Can you elaborate about your research and the changes in tech that happened after that?
  • Can you tell us about your vision about the technological advances, “startupization” and accelerated disruption of businesses and society?
  • How do you see crypto-currencies/bitcoin and how did you get into that?
  • In an increasing new scenario fostered by blockchain, how do you see this holistic fast growing technology?
  • How do you see the challenges brought by the DAO, Ethereum and fragmentation?
  • Do you see Blockchain as a tech ledger between artificial intelligence, mobile / smart devices, IOE, enterprise / SaaS, digital technologies?
  • Can you tell us about your role – Corporate Venturing and Blockchain Lead at Deloitte?
  • Can you explain how the Deloitte unit you lead and its business incubator works?
  • Deloitte´s business, innovation processes bridging, is investing in and partnering with high growth technology companies, and launching / partner with shipping digital ventures and business propositions. Can you tell us more about this?
  • Deloitte has been releasing some powerful research about Fintech, Blockchain. What are your highlights?
  • One of the products you are very involved with is smart identity project. Can you tell us about it and other related similar tech projects?
  • How do you see the traditional role of Deloitte in the general overview of the business world? How to deal with innovation and how to move forward in a fast-changing world?
  • You wrote an interesting text I would like to highlight, about what makes Apple special. Can you elaborate about this:
    “Many people think it’s design, brand, product innovation. Not many mentionessential things that actually really made Apple the most valuable company:
    1) Outstanding operational excellence (e.g. supply chain)
    2) Shrewd sales channel and pricing strategy (incl. prime retail experience)
    3) Ability to strike crucial partnerships on favourable terms (e.g. AT&T)
    4) Distinctive marketing
    5) Ecosystem!”