Business Travel Tips You Need To Know in 2020

Business Travel Tips You Need To Know in 2020

If you are one of those men or women that most of your job revolves around traveling to close a business, take advantage of these useful tips for business travelers; And don’t forget that several of these recommendations can be made with the help of your assistant.

Study your destination

Find out in advance if the city you are going to is host to a congress, summit, Olympiad or some other important event since the hotels will be 100% occupied. So it is advisable to book the hotel, the plane, and car rental and restaurant reservations well in advance.

Travel expenses

Every time you travel for business, try to maintain an average rate of expenses so as not to embezzle the company you work for. If you book in advance it will help you get good prices and avoid pumping that will cost you dearly. Enter the different loyalty programs, points or mileage that airlines and hotels have as they have additional benefits such as free nights, upgrades, gifts and tickets.

Airline standards

Prefer airlines that have the boarding pass printing mode to avoid long lines traveling only with what is necessary in your hand luggage. If your trip is for several days, make sure that your suitcase has the dimensions required by the airline to take it with you on board the plane and avoid its documentation. Do not forget that liquids greater than 100ml are not allowed when boarding.

Make the best of your time

When renting a car do not waste time looking for or asking for directions, hiring the GPS service is very cheap. If you already have an important appointment to close a business, try to contact via email other potential clients or managers to achieve new alliances, to make your trip more fruitful. Also do not saturate your schedule; you will need time since an event such as an unexpected meal will be a great opportunity to seal a business deal.

Not all is about work

Do not forget to visit a museum, gallery or exhibition in the city that you visit; It will be a good reason to show that you are aware of the cultural part of the city. It is also important to be aware via the internet of the news, culture and events of the destination. Check the days and working hours of the countries, so as not to interrupt their customs; there are countries that work on Sunday and rest on Friday. Check the times when they suspend work by prayer, nap and tea time. Go to interesting places, meet local people, visit friends, and go shopping to reduce stress and give your trip a fun feel.

Look the part

You should always look impeccable, if your schedule is very saturated there are companies that offer the aesthetic service to your hotel room to perform hair, nail, and face and skin treatments. Make the most of your time and take care of laundry, drying and ironing services inside the hotel, which will know how to treat your clothes well. At the hotel always use the wake-up service. Do not forget to have a hearty breakfast since it is not known if your schedule will allow you to eat at your regular times.

Finally keep in mind that business travel can become a routine, sacrifice, nostalgia or stress; However, be it your company or someone else’s, you always have to have a good attitude and know that you are in the right place to seal good deals.