Brandon Donnelly Explains The Role Of Intellect Horizon In Framing The Right Questions For Web 3.0

Intellect Horizon, a Web 3.0 event scheduled on Oct 28, is a destination for startups, technology developers, academia, and investors to discuss and highlight some common challenges and innovative solutions in the Web 3.0 realm. Brandon Donnelly, talks about the relevance of Intellect Horizon in establishing the importance of Web 3.0 in our today’s society.

Brandon Donnelly Explains The Role Of Intellect Horizon In Framing The Right Questions For Web 3.0

It’s important that we have these conversations about the challenges of AI, the social implications, the political upheaval that’s coming, all the way down to the pedagogy”, Brandon, an innovator in technologies like AI, ML, AR, VR, and digital transformation, told Dinis in a recent interview for his YouTube podcast.

It was this central idea that prompted him, to bring together experts from different fields and accomplished brains from across the world to tag team, speak, and highlight some of the major challenges in the field of AI and other Web 3.0 technologies.

Experts from pedagogical, philosophical, and technical sides are the most effective people to help us express the greatest tapestry of creativity that makes us up as a species and guide us as to where it’s going to end. 

Giving them a platform and enabling them not just to come with answers, but to provide perspectives so that people can ask the right questions, and to let awareness not become complicated so that we can navigate this together – culturally, societally, and from a human level globally”, he said.

Intellect Horizon: A global event highlighting the challenges and advancements in Web 3.0 technologies

During the Dinis Guarda YouTube podcast interview, Brandon narrated the journey of the Intellect Horizon event. He told him that the idea sprouted as a result of a casual conversation with the Founder of DragonScale AI, Rohit Ray. After discussing this with many academics and bringing them to the same grounds, Brandon also brought many recruiting friends from his days of working in the valley.

We kept growing the initiative with the idea that we can take on a lot of challenges that startups are facing”, he said. With this idea, they created Starshot Startups with over $270 billion in private equity and venture capital funds would secret shop and listen to pitches of people changing the world.

Similarly, the Starship Seekers event came up after major technology companies and video game studios agreed to represent and help people find their next crew.

Speaking about another event at the conference, Cyber Clash, Brnadon told Dinis that it is based on the action learning pedagogy of MIT.

Different universities across the world are going to open up their campuses and are going to teach on a hackathon, both physical and digital participants, how to learn AI, how to work with AI to code, how to use it in robotics, and IoT”, he said.

He also told Dinis that while the original idea was to bring atleast 500 participants, but “free sells well. So, now we have over 14,000 registrations. That’s where we are now.”

The relevance of Intellect Horizon in unlocking the the future of enabling technologies

While the theoretical framework of AI has been around for decades, recent advances in machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks have enabled practical applications in various domains. Quantum computing, on the other hand, leverages the principles of quantum mechanics to perform calculations at speeds inconceivable with classical computers.

AI algorithms can harness the computational power of quantum computers to solve problems that are currently beyond the reach of classical machines. Talking about these potentials, Dr. Brandon said:

If we have the capacity of creativity, ingenuity, and vision, let’s try to make sure that it’s eutopia, and not a dystopia, and that we are going in this with our eyes wide open, as opposed to going on a roller coaster ride that we’re not allowed to get off, while being terrified by it.”

He further said that it is important to have a fair dialogue, where people are not just from one country or domain or identity, “but more as a public discussion on humanity, and to really add a point in time that is going to be greater than industrial revolution or the age of the internet and unlock human potential.”