Martech: What Is It And How Can It Benefit Your Business

Martech: What Is It And How Can It Benefit Your Business

When it comes to running a business, you’ll want to ensure you’re doing everything within your power to make it as successful as possible.

If you’re a start-up company, this is even more important, after all, it’s a pretty competitive market out there.

Therefore, you’ll need to be on the lookout for new ways to innovate and help you stay ahead of the game. That’s why martech could be the answer to all your prayers.

What is martech?

But, what is it? Well, simply put, martech is the blending of marketing and technology.

This means that anyone working within the digital sphere, and the digital marketing sphere, in particular, is working with martech – as digital is all technology based.

But, the overarching name of martech applies to initiatives, tools and efforts that can harness the technology out there, and use it to achieve marketing goals and objectives.

This can only mean good things for any business trying to understand its customer and expand its customer base.

What’s Available

If you run a business, this may sound like the perfect way to help get your business the best start in life. Helping you to reach customers, build a brand and automate time-consuming tasks, while making all important decisions and saving money in the long run, there are five primary types of martech available. These are:

  • Web analytics – helping you understand customer behaviour online
  • Programmatic advertising platforms – helping to place adverts on websites and apps automatically
  • Customers relationship management – helping to streamline contacts, interactions and desired outcomes with customers
  • Content management systems – helping to create and manage your digital content easier and more efficiently
  • Digital customer experience platforms – coming from content management systems, these are designed to help improve the customer’s experience even further

Of course, there are other systems you could use alongside these such as phone call tracking, which will help you to identify a lot of the same things but via the phone. The ideal way to streamline everything and ensure you’ve got all basis covered. It looks like even martech needs a little help from other areas.

How it will benefit your business

Most importantly, how will this benefit your business.

Well, aside from helping your employees to manage their time better, as it’ll eliminate a lot of little, mundane tasks, which helps to save money, it’ll also:

  • Help identify how customers found you
  • Allow you to see how customers convert
  • Help you to identify how to increase conversions
  • Provide insight into how to build customer loyalty
  • Allow you to see how you can personalise ads and targeting to reach customers
  • Give you an insight into what’s working and what isn’t

It’s not difficult to see that martech is a sure-fire way to help improve your business, alongside a few other tools, meaning you’ll be able to provide the best experience around for your customers.

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