How to Boost your Email Marketing Campaigns using Video Content

Videos are fresh, videos are fun, and most importantly, videos are the future. Videos are so in the trend that irrespective of the platform, we engage via video content in one or the other way.

Most businesses today employ video as a marketing tool. 54% of the consumers vote video as their preferred mode of the content source from the brands they follow. These stats are overwhelming to incorporate videos into your marketing and branding strategy if you haven’t already!

Our today’s anecdote will emphasize on combining the preferred mode of communication with the preferred mode of the content source. That means we are going to talk about ways of adjoining email marketing with video content.

Video email marketing is an emerging trend. Businesses are utilizing email templates for various email marketing campaigns filled with video content. For starters, here are a few published video email marketing stats to take into consideration.

•The global internet traffic fetched by videos is projected to make up to 82% of total consumer online traffic by 2021.

•Nearly 51% of the marketers around the globe consider videos as a leading ROI generating source.

•An initial email sent with a video receives an increased click-through rate by 96%.

•A unique case study conducted by SuperOffice revealed that emails having a video link with the word ‘video’ present in the subject line gain a 6% increase in email open rate

5 Ways To Boost Email Marketing Campaigns Using Videos

No marketing channel can convey the message as impactfully and quickly as a video can! Whether you want to educate, communicate, or convert, using videos in emails makes a lot of sense. The best way to go about it is to design custom email templates for different types of videos you want to share. So here are five ways of taking videos into action with your marketing emails. Dig in…

1.   Event Invites & Remarketing

The most popular way of reaching out to people is by educating them on their pain points and prevailing issues. Webinars and online courses are the two examples to take into consideration when we talk about events. You can create an email template with a recorded video message from the webinar or event speaker. The video does not necessarily have to play in the email itself, you might attach a CTA that redirects them to a landing page where registration and other relevant information is available. This tactic also helps in driving website traffic via sent emails. An expert email developer will help you through the process.

On the other hand, when we talk about remarketing or retargeting, video email marketing plays a vital role in the form of a followup message. For instance, people who had registered or showed interest in being a part of the webinar can be contacted with the recorded webinar link for their ease. This boosts brand value and credibility. Check out an email by Campaign Monitor for a webinar invite below. The email template has an embedded video that redirects to a landing page.

2.   Connect and Build with Storytelling Videos

Your subscribers are your loyal followers. These people are interested in knowing what your brand has to offer and all that goes into maintaining it. Telling your own story via storyboards, short films, or behind the scene videos will help your consumers know and connect with you on a personal level. This branding trick is a tried and tested one, adopted by renowned marketers to build a personal connection with their subscribers. Here is an example of Pottery Barn’s email. The ‘explore behind-the-scenes’ link in the email redirects to their YouTube channel.

3.   Personalized Video Emails For Conversions

Personalization in emails is here for a while now! Consumers are more likely to open and click when an email is personalized with their preferences. Marketers even report a whopping 760% increase in email revenue via personalized and segmented campaigns. To increase conversions, eCommerce industries and service agencies can bind videos of website demos, product features, sales triggering static image scrolling, GIFs, eCommerce videos, and more.

Be sure about sending emails with relevant video content that is a potential conversion booster. Segmentation plays a vital role here when we talk about targeted video email marketing.

4.   Greetings & Wishes

The most simple yet effective way to interact with your audience is by sending them festive greetings. The small gestures of saying ‘thank you’ or wishing on ‘memorial day’ or wishing them on their birthday goes a long way. You can try being more resourceful by adding multiple video links in a single email with multiple CTAs. When your email is about festive greetings, add viral, applicable, utilitarian, and fun video links to make their time merrier.

Another aspect of this process is associated with onboarding and presentation videos. Many platforms provide editable templates in which you can create introductory or descriptive company videos for the new joiners or the clients and send them via emails for better understanding of your brand. This helps a great deal in conveying many things about your business without having to send it all in a written format.

5.   Animated GIFs, Cinemagraphs, and Thumbnails

The majority of the email clients restrict embedding a tap & play video into the email itself. However, if you still want to add it, use HTML5 for better results. So, for the times when you don’t want to include a YouTube or landing page link, simply use GIFs and Cinemagraphs to create an eye-catchy effect. There are multiple platforms available to create GIFs and Cinemagraphs for your marketing emails.


Certainly, the digital world is buzzing with all the upbeat trends in video email marketing. Marketers are putting their best foot forward while users are always embracing change. Effective video email marketing relies on personalized emails and how well-crafted your custom email template is! The presented ways will help you with your video content strategy and how you can combine it with your email marketing efforts.

Do let us know how you found our article, and if you have more interesting video email marketing ideas, we are all ears.

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