The second boom of the year

In August, Rammstein lead singer Till Lindemann and footballer Lionel Messi announced the launch of non-fungible tokens. Why is NFT becoming so popular and is it worth to buy tokens of celebrities? Or is it more profitable to consider buying young artists’ tokens?

Amid the recovery of the crypto market, there has been a surge in the popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFT). Trading volumes on the OpenSea NFT marketplace exceeded $828.6 million in early August, while back in July the figure was only $284.2 million and in June it was $125.2 million.

In the first half of 2021, sales of non-fungible tokens reached a record $2.5 billion. In 2020, NFT sales were $95 million which is 26 times less.

At the beginning of August, Lionel Messi announced the release of his own collection of NFT tokens “The Messiverse”, drawn by artist Bosslogic. The tokens will be unveiled on August 20 on the Ethernity Chain platform. The platform’s token has gone up in price by 90% since 4 August.

However, the work of young artists is an equally interesting option for investment. For example, the following artists are recommended for November 2021:

Broksh is a young but very promising artist of Russian origin. He is the creator of the highly acclaimed SOLO collection.

SOLO is represented in three of the world’s largest galleries and an exclusive drop is created for each.

His work is bought from all corners of the world from ordinary collectors to the world famous personalities, such as Floyd Mayweather.

On the secondary market, this collection has proven to be the best. It has a good return and you are guaranteed to sell this work for a higher price.

The artist has already announced new collections coming soon.

John Orian Young is a 3D artist who sells animated characters and figurines as non fungible tokens. With his pieces doubling in value immediately after being sold and re-listed, there’s no doubt that this digital artist is on track to make a name for himself in the NFT world.

Hackatao is the name adopted by the artistic Italian art duo composed by Nadia Squarci and Sergio Scalet – both of whom are considered pioneers in NFT art in their native country. Dwelling in major societal issues including the environment and economy, the pair blends references to history, symbolism, and psychology to create innovative pieces of ultra-contemporary NFT art.

Hackatao – a mix of hacker and tao in reference to living balances -, come from a traditional background in the ‘physical art world’, but fuelled by the desire to shatter established norms; the duo decided to connect with NFT artists and learn a new craft to birth truly futuristic creations.

Another artist ruling the crypto art realm is the elusive artist Pak. Unlike the other artists listed so far, Pak has never divulged his real identity, leading NFT art enthusiasts to nickname him (or her) as the “Satoshi of Crypto Art.”

Pak is immensely popular on Twitter and Instagram, where he can brag of having not only millions of followers but some high-profile names at that, including none other than Elon Musk. If that doesn’t prove that Pak deserves some serious attention, then not much does. His open collections are available at the website linked above.