Infographic: Big Data World Asia 2013 decodes regional challenges

It is true that many of Asia’s countries  have not yet reached first-world status, and many firms in the region have been slow to adopt new technologies. Yet there’s one innovation that most Asian firms want in their toolkit and that is Big Data.

In a recent report, Forrester has detailed step by step, what the current adoption trends are surrounding big data in the APAC region and provides insightful recommendations on how businesses can create their own roadmap to big data adoption.

Not suprisingly as interest in big data initiatives grow almost as fast as the big data hype, most Asia Pacific businesses are still trying to come to grips as to exactly “what is Big Data?”  Fortunately they wont have to look too far to glean insights and connect the dots as the Big Data World Asia 2013 conference provides thought-provoking industry roundtable discussions and exhibition showcases by leading loyalty marketing solution providers.

According to the report titled ” Big Data Adoption Trends In Asia Pacific: 2013 To 2014 ” some markets and industry sectors in APAC were early adopters of big data initiatives and that interest is strong across almost all sub-regions and verticals. This interest and adoption of big data in APAC is being driven by the general, cross-industry perceptions of the value of data in addressing customer demands and expectations and the urgent need to respond to changing market conditions while increasing operational efficiency.

In Australia and New Zealand, big data implementations are being driven by data variety and velocity while for countries with vast consumer populations like India, Indonesia and the Philippines, big data deployments are motivated by data volumes.

The collection of Big Data is far more popular than any other IT trend in the region, in fact more companies in Asia are using Big Data than they are social media, or software-as-a-service applications.

Business leaders, Data scientists, heads of analytics & senior marketers from the region have a golden opportunity to learn the strategies, intelligence and technology that they need to leverage Big Data effectively by attending Big Data World Asia 2013, which is Asia’s leading strategic analytics & data conference. The main challenge they all face is how to handle the large volume of data and establshing trust between the very Data scientists, who are subject matter experts and functional mangers.

Big Data World Asia congregates global thought leaders shaping the present and future of Big Data, to discuss and debate the best practices in data strategy, technology and techniques from storage and protection to analysis and application. Statistics show that nearly half of the leading companies in various industries have established their own data management strategies, which in turn create 4 times annual revenue than the other companies.